JUNE 15 2021
House CNR Hearing

Last week the House Education and Labor Committee and the Human Services Subcommittee held a hearing on child nutrition focused on school meals and the steps needed to provide nutritious meals to all children by explicitly reauthorizing child nutrition programs and passing the American Families & Jobs Plan, which invests more than 40 million dollars for healthy meals.
Summer P-EBT Expansion
This summer, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or USDA, is expanding its Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer, otherwise known as P-EBT. This initiative—and its extension—are geared towards feeding the millions of children who rely on free school meals throughout the rest of the year. 
NWA Report Calls for Enhancements to the Food Package
Today, NWA released a report on WIC’s food package, entitled WIC Food Package: Impacts and Recommendations to Advance Nutrition Security. NWA’s report calls for a doubling of the value of the WIC food package, including a permanent increase in fruits and vegetables.
California Lifts Most COVID-19 Safety Restrictions

Starting today for California, capacity restrictions on businesses, as well as physical distancing requirements, and mask restrictions for vaccinated individuals are going to be lifted in most venues, at the discretion of the businesses.
CA Legislature Votes on Budget Plan

The CA State Legislature voted last night to adopt the final State Budget Bill (AB 128). The Governor has until July 1st to sign the State Budget into law for fiscal year 2021-22 that begins July 1st. CWA scored several wins through the budget process, including increased contract flexibilities for local WIC agencies, $5 million for a WIC book program pilot.
Policy Brief and Reports from PHFE WIC and Nutrition Policy Institute
From June 2020 to March 2021, PHFE WIC and the Nutrition Policy Institute, part of the University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, engaged in a study to identify lessons learned from the experience in California with USDA’s Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) waivers and other state changes to the program during the COVID-19 pandemic. Two reports highlighting quotes from WIC participants and agency directors were published, as well as a brief providing a summary of the high-level recommendations and their rationale.

Call for WIC Watch Stories!

Twice a year, CWA publishes the WIC Watch - a magazine for WIC staff, partner organizations, and any folks interested in all things WIC! We welcome your story submissions for our fall issue, the deadline is September 6th.
WIC Worksite Wellness Updates!

Wellness Wednesdays Started on June 2nd! Please join us for Qigong with Cat, June 16, 12:30-1:00pm, and there are more sessions to come! You can join WIC Wellness Wednesdays using this link.

Attention!!! We need WIC agency and community partners to sign up to host one or more WIC Wellness Wednesdays. If you or your staff practice wellness in any number of ways, we need your creativity and focus to lift up others! Sign up today, it is a small commitment for a greater good. Email Jodi with questions. Hosting one or multiple Wellness Wednesdays works towards WWW Certification and Recertification, not to mention helping your staff to prioritize self-care every week!
Researchers Remove Race From a Calculator for Childbirth
After years of work by researchers, advocates, and clinicians, a calculator used to determine the likelihood of a patient having a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) has been replaced by a newly validated version that is the same in almost every way — except for eliminating race and ethnicity as a risk factor.

Global Food Prices Continue to Rise
Global food prices rose for the 12th month in a row in May, up nearly 40% year over year, according to the United Nations' food price index. Last month was also the sharpest monthly rise in average food prices in over a decade, spiking 4.8% from April to May.

Novavax COVID Vaccine Promises High Efficacy
Novavax has said its COVID-19 vaccine was 100% protective against moderate and severe disease and 90.4% protective overall during a phase 3 trial that included almost 30,000 adults in Mexico and the United States.

Staying Safe From Ticks
Getting out and enjoying nature is great for the body and the mind, but experts are predicting this may be an "explosive" year for ticks. Here's some information and ways to protect yourself from ticks and Lyme Disease.
Combatting Alcohol and Substance Misuse
Among California, low-income women included in the 2013-14 Maternal and Infant Health Assessment (MIHA) Survey, up to 30% reported smoking before, during, or after pregnancy, up to 30% reported binge drinking before getting pregnant, and up to 13% reported drinking during the third trimester. In recent years, women are drinking more, and suffering more adverse health outcomes. WIC Can Help! provide information and referral to help prevent these harmful effects.
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