DECEMBER 13, 2022
Funding Deadline Looms for Congress

Congress has until the end of the week to put together a funding package and avert a government shutdown. A short-term continuing resolution is likely, but appropriators are hopeful on reaching a full-year agreement before the end of the calendar year. NWA and CWA have urged members to include a full-year extension of the fruit and vegetable bump, as well pass provisions of the Child Nutrition Reauthorization such as remote services. Take action today to urge legislators to include positive WIC provisions in a broader omnibus agreement, including reforms that would sustain remote certifications and modify physical presence requirements. 
WIC Food Package Open for Public Comment!
Submit your comments to let USDA know we must increase access to healthy foods through WIC. You can adjust the template comments to best reflect your voice, experience, and vision for how WIC's benefit can be improved. The National WIC Association has prepared this resource to support you in crafting your comments, as well as this toolkit to spread the word. Comments are due by February 21, 2023. Submitting a comment is NOT lobbying!
Biden Signs Respect for Marriage Act
President Biden today signed legislation to safeguard marriage equality after Congress, for the first time in history, approved federal protections for same-sex marriage.
DHSS Issues Guidance on Medi-Cal Donor Milk Coverage
The state Department of Health Care Services has issued a bulletin with guidance on pasteurized human donor milk on an outpatient basis as a Medi-Cal benefit, effective Dec. 1, 2022. Medi-Cal has been required to cover medically necessary donor milk obtained from a licensed and approved facility since the 1980s, however, the question of what conditions count as “medically necessary” and what makes a facility “licensed and approved” have caused confusion among providers and Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans.
Register Now: Human Lactation in the LGBT Community - Tomorrow!

Join us Wednesday 12/14/22, for the second session in the Human Lactation in the LGBT Community Series: Clinical Applications & Case Scenarios. The first session was fantastic, it was well-attended with thoughtful questions and insightful comments, we learned a lot, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive with many looking forward to how we can apply what we learned. If you would like to view the recording, download the flyer, and/or register for the next session, please visit
Read the new Fall WIC Watch!

Our Fall issue of the WIC Watch is out! Read the latest WIC news from CWA and local WIC agencies around the state, from National Breastfeeding Month festivities to local farmer's market success stories to WIC Worksite Wellness activities to formula shortage frustrations and wins - it's all here!
Native American Health Center WIC in the News

Congratulations on the outstanding work of the staff at Native American Health Center WIC in Oakland. Two recent media stories describe their efforts to provide the best support for families which is inclusive of families from Guatemala who speak Mam. The WIC staff includes a Mam speaker, who is also very knowledgeable about breastfeeding, a welcome support for new parents. Additionally, In partnership with Alameda County’s Latina Chicana Lactation Taskforce and with a grant from Friends of La Leche League, WIC staff created TikTok videos for breastfeeding, Welcome to WIC, and about air quality health guidelines. Enjoy the articles here and here. Thank you, Native American Health Center WIC!
Join Us at NWA's Annual Policy Conference!

Register today for NWA's National Policy Conference! The National Policy Conference is NWA’s annual forum to highlight emerging WIC policy issues and build leadership skills to empower and sustain WIC advocacy at the local level. Join with California colleagues to experience this empowering, and easy, opportunity to talk with your members Congress - they need to hear from you, especially those who are new to office! Conference sessions will take place on February 21-23 and we will kick off Congressional visits on Friday, February 24. This year the conference will take place virtually. If you have any questions please contact If you are attending, please let Sarah know at!
Bivalent COVID Vaccines Authorized for Children as Young as 6 Months
Health officials have approved bivalent COVID-19 vaccines for children as young as 6 months, and are encouraging families to have their children vaccinated. Over the past eight weeks, the number of children with COVID-19 at hospital admission increased 68%, according to an AAP analysis of data gathered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. New weekly COVID admissions for children under 5 years nearly doubled during that time.

GAO Report Confirms Worsening of Maternal Health Outcomes Inequities During the Pandemic
A review of provisional data show an alarming worsening of maternal health outcomes and widening of disparities during the pandemic, according to the Government Accountability Office. There were significant increases in maternal death that were almost entirely attributable to COVID-19.

Paid Family Leave Can Keep CA Women in Their Jobs
California women with spouses or family members who have serious medical issues are less likely to leave their jobs if they have access to paid family leave, according to a new study.

Health Care Industry Struggles to Keep Pace With ‘Tectonic Shift’ in Paid Family Leave
Paid family leave policies have made progress in California and elsewhere in the country, but for some employees, there is more progress to be accomplished. Many healthcare professionals don't have access to paid family leave, and cobble together other types of leave, like sick leave and vacation time, to be able to bond with new babies and recover from birth.

California WIC Walkers Get Your Teams Ready! 
Join us for the New Year WIC Walks Challenge from Jan. 1 - 31, 2023. Get your teams
together! Check in with your directors, pick a team captain, pick a team name, and have your team captain email Jodi with your team name. She will email you with team sign-up details prior to the start of the challenge. We'll use an app for this challenge to track our miles/steps instead of self-reporting. Teams will be competing for total miles divided by the number of active team members.
Prizes will be a gift card of your choice for:
1st Prize: $200
2nd Prize: $150
3rd Prize: $75
Top Individual Walker: $50
Social Butterfly: $25
USDA My Plate Resources Updated in print, via an app, and on Alexa. You can also tap to find food savings and farmers’ markets in your area

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation National Day of Racial Healing Action Kits

Oral Health
Tooth decay is a common but often preventable problem. Untreated tooth decay is progressive and can undermine children’s long-term health, educational achievements, self image, and overall success. Good news: WIC Can Help promote oral health for families by referring them to low-cost or free services.
Support CWA online!
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