DECEMBER 14 2021
Biden Issues Executive Order to Improve Access to WIC, Other Programs
President Biden yesterday signed an executive order that outlines a series of initiatives designed to improve the delivery of government services across multiple federal agencies, including the Food and Nutrition Services branch of USDA. The order calls for USDA to test online purchasing for WIC, and to streamline enrollment and recertification.
California Resumes Statewide Mask Mandate

Starting tomorrow California will once again require masks indoors in public places regardless of vaccination status, state health officials announced today. 
The renewed masking requirement follows a 47% increase in COVID-19 case rates since Thanksgiving, and news of the Omicron variant. The mask mandate will run through Jan. 15 and is specific to public settings, not private gatherings.
Center for WIC Modernization and Delivery 

In November, USDA FNS posted a request for comments on a center focusing on WIC modernization. FNS was seeking information on the level of interest of a center, needs, capacity and requirements and also risks and limitations. The comment period is now closed, and you and view the 50 comments received from individuals and organizations, including CWA. 
The Power of Community: CWA’s 30th Conference and Trade Show

Registration and more agenda details will be released in early Jan. but hold the dates for May 9-12. No need to travel, this will be a virtual conference. Thanks to the curriculum planning committee for their current work designing an agenda with national leaders on breastfeeding, WIC improvements, anti-racism, equity, nutrition and more. 
Reducing Choking Risk in Infant Feeding

If you missed last week's webinar, Reducing Choking Risk in Infant Feeding, you can still watch the recording! Katie Ferraro, MPH, RDN, CDE, presented an information-rich presentation on how to help babies 6 months and older safely self-feed a variety of foods. Attendees learned the difference between gagging and choking (gagging is actually developmentally important), how to make risky foods safer for the self-feeding infant, and how to introduce baby to solids. After watching the recording, complete this evaluation for CE credits.
New NWA Report Finds WIC Participants Report High Level of Satisfaction with WIC Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
new report released by the National WIC Association (NWA) researchers from the Nutrition Policy Institute (NPI) and Pepperdine University reveals high levels of satisfaction among WIC participants with adjustments made to program services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results from the report come from a multistate survey conducted in spring 2021 of over 26,000 WIC participants across 12 State WIC Agencies. NWA will be hosting a webinar on the report results, with ample time for questions and discussions. This event is on December 16 from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm ET and is part of NWA's policy webinar series. To register, click here.

Vaccination Lowers Odds of Severe COVID-19 in Pregnancy During Delta Surge
A retrospective cohort study in Obstetrics & Gynecology found that pregnant patients who were vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 were less likely to have severe COVID-19 or any severity of the disease in the context of the Delta variant surge.

Risk for Maternal Mortality Persists During Postpartum Year
About one in 333 women experienced a severe maternal morbidity event or illness during the first year postpartum that could have resulted in death, according to findings published in JAMA Network Open. Racial disparities were significant in the study, with Black women being nearly twice as likely as white women to experience severe maternal morbidities.

Breast Milk Can Help Fight Covid
A study conducted by researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) – in collaboration with several other universities - indicates that breastfeeding women with COVID-19 do not transmit the SARS-CoV-2 virus through their milk, but do confer milk-borne antibodies that are able to neutralize the virus.

Common Causes of Low Back Pain
More of us are working from home, which means the ergonomics of our work setups may leave a bit to be desired. Poor ergonomics is just one of the causes of the low back pain that up to 80% of Americans will experience in their lifetimes! Here are some tips for alleviating your lower back pain at home.
Alcohol and Substance Use
Among California, low-income women included in the 2013-14 Maternal and Infant Health Assessment (MIHA) Survey, up to 30% reported smoking before, during, or after pregnancy, up to 30% reported binge drinking before getting pregnant, and up to 13% reported drinking during the third trimester. While those rates are stable or down from previous years, and many women reduced their substance use upon learning they were pregnant, it’s no surprise that a top state priority is to prevent and decrease perinatal substance use. WIC Can Help! provide information and referral to help prevent these harmful effects.
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