JULY 13 2021
Child Tax Credit Starting This Week

On Thursday, The Advance Child Tax Credit is scheduled to start distributing its first payments. The Biden administration also launched a website with details about the tax credit. On July 22 from 3-4 pm ET, NWA’s Policy Webinar Series will provide an overview of the child tax credit and tools to lift up outreach.
Governor Newsom Signs $100 Billion California Comeback Plan
Governor Gavin Newsom today signed SB 129, legislation that reflects the majority of the 2021-22 state budget agreement. The bill includes the biggest economic recovery package in California’s history – a $100 billion California Comeback Plan, which provides the Golden State Stimulus for Californians earning less than $75K, as well as making critical investments in housing, mental health, and climate change. 
Bill Seeks to Make Taking PFL Affordable for CA's Low-Wage Workers
Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez authored a bill this year - supported by CWA as part of the California Work and Family Coalition - to increase the percentage of wages received during paid leave, making it more realistic for low-income earners to use the leave that they’re required to fund with 1.2% of every paycheck. Assembly Bill 123, which the Assembly passed unanimously in May and is now in the Senate, would increase the wage replacement rate from at least 60% to 90% of a worker’s highest quarterly earnings in the past 18 months. 
Are you signed up for the WIC Worksite Wellness Step It Up Challenge?! Get on it! !

What: Walking Challenge
Who: California WIC Teams of 5 or less (can be multiple teams per agency)
When: July 15 – August 15, 2021
Where: Wherever you can get your steps in!
Why: To get moving and meet our individual steps goals!
How: Log your steps by signing up and creating a group at https://worldwalking.org/. Please invite Jodi to your group so she can track your progress (jmulliganpfile@calwic.org).

Can't count your steps? We can send your local agency pedometers!
Kicking Off WIC Works Webinars!

We are thrilled to have Dr. Zea Malawa as our guest speaker for the first WIC Works Webinar of the summer. Please join us to listen and discuss how the Pregnancy Basic Income pilot has supported pregnant WIC mothers in San Francisco through the efforts of San Francisco WIC and the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Dr. Malawa will share her insights and experiences of getting the pilot programs into the upcoming state budget and implementation during this exciting 75-minute webinar event! Stay tuned for registration details!
Do Your Families Love the CVB Increase? We Want to Hear About It!

There's a big difference in what a family can buy with $11 for fruit and veggies vs. $35. We've heard our WIC families are loving the change and would love to keep the increased benefit - we'd love to keep it too! Send us quotes (with first name and town) so that we can pass on to our members of Congress how their constituents are benefitting from the increased CVB, and boost awareness on social media - our social media images are free for your local agency to use as well!
Air Pollution During Pregnancy May Affect Growth of Newborn Babies
Maternal exposure to air pollution during pregnancy has often been linked to adverse effects on the health of the newborn. However, there are very few studies on the subject. A study has just concluded that the stages most sensitive to air pollution are the early and late months of pregnancy.

Healthy Diet Before, During Pregnancy Linked to Lower Complications
A healthy diet around the time of conception through the second trimester may reduce the risk of several common pregnancy complications, suggests a new study. Expectant women in the study who scored high on any of three measures of healthy eating had lower risks for gestational diabetes, pregnancy-related blood pressure disorders and preterm birth.

Flu Shot Might Help Ward Off Severe COVID
A flu shot might offer some protection against severe effects of COVID-19, a new study suggests.
If you are infected with COVID-19, having had a flu shot makes it less likely you will suffer severe body-wide infection, blood clots, have a stroke or be treated in an intensive care unit, according to the study.

Have You Gotten Your COVID-19 Vaccine?
Over the past week, states that have fully vaccinated more than half of their residents have reported an average Covid-19 case rate that is about a third of that in states which have fully vaccinated less than half of their residents, according to a CNN analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you haven't gotten your shot yet - be sure to get it ASAP!

New Resources and Reports from CBPP:

Breastfeeding Training for Childcare Providers
At-home or center-based childcare providers will receive free training from True Care WIC Agency Lactation Consultants. Proper handling and storing of breast milk, feeding the breastfed baby, creating a breastfeeding supportive environment, and supporting breastfeeding families with community resources. Also attendees will learn about Breastfeeding-Friendly San Diego (BFSD), a FREE recognition program for childcare providers and how to complete all 5 Building Blocks to self-nominate for designation and recognition. BFSD childcare providers will enjoy promotion of their program to parents through the San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition’s (SDCBC) website and highlighted as a YMCA CRS “Breastfeeding-Friendly Childcare” for families looking for breastfeeding-friendly support for their children. Aug. 17; 6:30-8:45pm; Register Now!; Info: mytraining@ymcasd.org  

Workplace Rights & Federal Labor Laws Webinar
One of US Dept. of Labor (DOL), Wage & Hour's Division (WHD), main objective is educating worker advocates and others who regularly interact with at-risk workers, enabling them to more effectively guide workers who need WHD assistance. Exploited workers, for a variety of reasons, may not contact DOL or are hesitant to do so, making it difficult to get them the information and help they need. Join this webinar to help close this gap between workers who need help and the federal agency that is charged with ensuring their workplace rights. WHD enforces labor laws in the U.S. regardless of a worker’s immigration status. This webinar will cover: minimum wage, overtime, medical leave and common labor rights violations. WHD enforces labor laws in the U.S. regardless of a worker’s immigration status. To register: When: July 28th, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM, contact, Rosanna.Santana@dol.gov, Registration is required and limited to 100 attendees per session. 
Child Care
WIC Can Help connect families with child care programs that provide safe and affordable care so that children stay healthy and are prepared for kindergarten while parents find and retain jobs.
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