JULY 12 2022
FDA Developing New Framework for Continued, Expanded Access to Infant Formula Options for U.S. Parents and Caregivers
The Food and Drug Administration announced their intention to issue more guidance in September on how companies that are currently bringing infant formula to market in the United States under the current regulatory flexibility might be able to continue supplying U.S. market beyond November.
Sturgis, MI Abbott Plant Reopens
On July 1, Abbott reopened their Michigan manufacturing plant, which had closed in June following flooding. The plant, which produces roughly 20% of all infant formula purchased in the United States, first closed in February after an FDA inspection found multiple strains of bacteria tied to serious infection in infants who had consumed Abbott products. 
No Expanded Paid Family Leave, Disability Under Latest California Budget Agreement
A provision to significantly increase the California State Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave wage replacement benefits, especially for lower-income Californians, was left out of the $300 billion spending plan recently reached by Governor Newsom and the legislature. Funding for SB 951 (Durazo), an initiative sponsored by the California Work and Family Coalition and supported by CWA, may yet be included in a trailer bill. CWA encourages our members to contact Governor Newsom, your Assemblymember and Senator, and encourage them to support SB 951. 
State Data Exchange Framework
Last week California Health & Human Services Agency (CAHHS) finalized the state’s first-ever Health and Human Services Data Exchange Framework, a single data sharing agreement and common set of policies and procedures that will govern and require the exchange of health information among health care entities and government agencies in California beginning in 2024. This is a significant step forward in improving data sharing between health care and social services, addressing the needs of the whole person. We hope this will open up opportunities for WIC to be part of data exchange.
CWA’s 30th Conference and Trade Show - That's a Wrap!

CWA’s 30th Annual Power of Community Conference was a huge success. We had incredible speakers that kicked off the conference, and four days of sessions covering a diverse array of topics that were eligible for over 30 CEUs. We hosted close to 1,500 attendees from across the state and beyond, over 30 vendors in our virtual trade show, worksite wellness sessions and topics, lunch & learn sessions in both Spanish and English, live cooking demos, daily contests, and more. Our live feed and photo booth were alive with creative posts, and we made the very best of the virtual conference space. We had a lot of fun with everyone, we learned a lot, we networked, and we are looking forward to the 31st conference next year! If you attended the conference, please remember that you can access the platform through July 15, to watch any session that you missed.
If you are interested in presenting at next year’s conference, would like to be on our planning committee, or would like to be a sponsor, please email Jodi
WIC Participation Associated With Eating More Fruits and Veggies
A recent study found that WIC participation within the last year was significantly associated with higher daily fruit and vegetable consumption, and suggested future research which could identify and explore innovative strategies for increasing enrollment and retention of WIC-eligible families.

Novovax COVID-19 Vaccine Soon to Receive FDA Approval
The Food and Drug Administration is expected to authorize Novavax’s two-dose COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use as early as Wednesday. The Biden administration announced on Monday that it would buy 3.2 million doses of the Novavax vaccine.

Vitamin D During Pregnancy Could Lower Eczema Risk in Babies
Taking Vitamin D supplements during pregnancy could substantially reduce the chances of babies up to a year old suffering from atopic eczema, according to a new study by University of Southampton researchers.

CA to Start Manufacturing More Affordable Insulin
California will start making its own affordable insulin as part of an effort to combat high drug prices for a lifesaving medication that has been made inaccessible for some Americans living with diabetes, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced last week. Survey data recently published in Health Affairs of those who fill at least one insulin prescription show 1.2 million Americans spend more than 40% of their family income on insulin

Emergency Preparedness
Summer is in full swing, and many are participating in events big and small. Here are some tips to be prepared for any emergency, just in case. This article explains how to stay safe and overcome fears around mass shootings. Additionally, this AMA blog also gives the reader good ideas on attaining solid skills like CPR, so we can arm ourselves with real tools that we can use during emergencies. 
Oral Health
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that parents/caretakers should be encouraged to establish a dental home for infants by 12 months of age. A check-up every six months is recommended in order prevent cavities and other dental problems, but a pediatric dentist can tell when and how often a infant or child should visit based on their personal oral health.
Good news: WIC Can Help promote oral health for families by referring them to low-cost or free services.
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