APRIL 23, 2021
Public Health Emergency Declaration Renewed

Last week, HHS Secretary Xavier Beccera extended the national public health emergency declaration for COVID-19. The HHS Secretary must renew the declaration every ninety days for urgent flexibilities - including flexibilities granted to the WIC program - to remain active. The recent extension of the public health emergency declaration for COVID-19 ensures that WIC flexibilities are now in place through at least mid-August. 
Free School Meals Through 2022
President Joe Biden's administration has announced that USDA waivers, which were set to expire in September for schools to serve free meals to all students, will be extended through the 2021-22 school year.
New Research: The Importance of Federal Waivers During COVID-19 and Technology in Ensuring Access to WIC

A new research study led by the PHFE WIC Research and Evaluation team shows that federal waivers issued by the USDA have made remote WIC services possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. Physical presence waivers removed requirements for in-person clinic visits at enrollment or recertification. Dr. Whaley of PHFE, and Dr. Ritchie, Nutrition Policy Institute, will provide other insights from participant and staff surveys related to COVID adaptations, on May 4 during the CWA conference
WIC Week of Action
In the lead up to Mother’s Day, from May 3 through 9, Save the Children is organizing a WIC Week of Action. The goal is to raise awareness among the public and Congress about the need to improve WIC. ACTION: Use this toolkit to engage your community to urge Congress to make WIC work better for moms and kids!
Redistricting Basics Presentation

Join the California Citizens Redistricting Commission on April 26th at 5 PM for a Redistricting Basics presentation in Spanish with a live Q&A session. It will be livestreamed at www.wedrawthelinesca.org.
CWA Conference - Share Your New Ways to Work!

Innovative ways to work are being created and tested in local agencies and that information needs to be shared! A simple way to share ideas is at the spring conference in the Local Agency Sharing. Complete this simple form and CWA staff will set up your information so other agencies can easily learn from you. It can be any idea, like an employee performance monitoring form for remote services, protocols for issuing and receiving breast pumps with partner hospitals or via curbside services, or how to use technology for separation of duties in hybrid and remote services, or anything your colleagues could use to improve their services. The more we share the faster we can improve! 
Surviving Compassion Fatigue - Through an ACEs Aware Lens
2 Part Workshop May 25 & 26, 2021 | 8:30am – Noon
Cost: No Cost to WIC Employees & Community Partners
CEUs Offered
Through funding provided by the ACEs Aware Initiative, Beverly Kyer is providing training on mitigating Compassion Fatigue to build emotional and mental resilience so providers can attend to their own well-being and continue providing critical services. Questions: Email Jodi!

Modernizing WIC Enrollment to Improve Access to Healthy Food for Children and Families
In a recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers found that three years after WIC EBT implementation, participation in the program increased by 7.78% in states that implemented EBT compared to states that continued to use paper vouchers, and estimate that the transition to EBT led to more than 220,000 additional women and children enrolling in WIC between 2014 and 2019.

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Movements Are Taking Back Ancestral Land
Over the past few decades, Native American tribes in the U.S. have been fighting for the return of ancestral lands for access to traditional foodways through organizing and advocacy work, coalition building, and legal procedure—and increasingly seeing success.

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine On Hold - Likely to Resume
Federal authorities are leaning toward recommending that use of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine resume, with the addition of a new warning about a rare complication involving blood clots, but probably not call for age restrictions.

Face Mask 2
Double Masks Protect Against COVID-19 - When Done Right
Wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask boosts fitted filtration efficiency, and thus protection from SARS-CoV-2, but wearing a surgical mask over a cloth mask or wearing one or the other alone is less protective, according to a research letter in JAMA Internal Medicine.
Oral Health
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that parents/caretakers should be encouraged to establish a dental home for infants by 12 months of age. WIC Can Help promote oral health for families by referring them to low-cost or free services.
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