NOVEMBER 29, 2022
WIC Food Package Changes - Comments Open!

The proposed changes to the WIC food package have been announced, and USDA is accepting public comments through February 21, 2023. The proposed changes are largely in keeping with recommendations from the 2017 NASEM report, and include making the increase to the fruit and vegetable benefit permanent, expanding the types of allowed whole grain products, increasing seafood options across food packages, and expanding access to different package sizes and substitutions for maximum participant choice and flexibility. NWA broke down the proposed changes with an excellent webinar, and both NWA and CWA have put out press releases. We STRONGLY encourage all members of the WIC community—including WIC staff, participants, and community partners to submit a public comment. NWA has launched a comment platform, including simple template language and additional resources detailing the proposed changes. Please share this platform widely with your networks and note that providing public comment on federal regulations is NOT considered lobbying
California Guaranteed Basic Income Program
In the 2020-21 state budget, funds were identified for a guaranteed basic income program. That program is now starting and grant recipients have been identified. The program will focus on individuals who are pregnant or aging out of foster care. 
California Faces Budget Deficit
California’s state budget may face a deficit of $25 billion next year, according to a report by the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office. The shortfall is driven mostly by declines in income tax revenue and drop-offs in the stock market, though analysts noted job losses in the tech sector may also contribute to deepened revenue deficits.
Register Now: Human Lactation in the LGBT Community

Join us Wednesday 12/14/22, for the second session in the Human Lactation in the LGBT Community Series: Clinical Applications & Case Scenarios. The first session was fantastic, it was well-attended with thoughtful questions and insightful comments, we learned a lot, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive with many looking forward to how we can apply what we learned. If you would like to view the recording, download the flyer, and/or register for the next session, please visit
Human Lactation Center at UC Davis: Director Position
Announcing this position opening is also effectively announcing Dr. Jane Heinig’s retirement. Jane has decided that in the coming year she wants to be able to enjoy her hobbies, garden projects and activities more fully. Congratulations to her! We have over a year to continue to work with her and also celebrate her leadership and wisdom that has been instrumental for the WIC program, hospitals, and clinics across California and the nation. You can see the position details here and are encouraged to share the announcement widely through your networks.
More Kids Screened for ACEs, but no Clear Documentation of Follow-Up
In 2020 the state launched the adverse childhood experiences initiative, with the goal of cutting the number of those experiences in half within one generation.
Today the number of doctors screening patients for adverse experiences is growing, but the state is failing to track whether patients receive the follow-up services or support they might need.

Families on Government Assistance Face Difficulties in Accessing Allergen-Free Food
Access to allergen-free food is difficult for families with food allergies who use WIC, SNAP, or food bank programs, according to a recent survey of 53 caregivers of children aged 0 to 17 years with food allergies.

Alcohol Consumption in Pregnancy Delays Fetal Brain Development
Drinking any amount of alcohol during pregnancy was associated with changes and delays in fetal brain development, according to data presented at the Radiological Society of North America annual meeting.

Breastfeeding Protective Against Severe RSV Infection for Infants
Recent research shows that breastfeeding is associated with lower hospitalization of infants diagnosed with RSV. Exclusive breastfeeding for >4 months significantly lowered hospitalization and supplemental oxygen use, while breastfeeding for 4 to 6 months also reduced healthcare utilization in the form of unscheduled GP visits and ED presentation. Hospitalized infants were significantly more likely to be breastfed for ≤ 2 months or not at all.

California WIC Walkers Get Your Teams Ready! 
Join us for the New Year WIC Walks Challenge from Jan. 1 - 31, 2023. Get your teams
together! Check in with your directors, pick a team captain, pick a team name, and have your team captain email Jodi with your team name. She will email you with team sign-up details prior to the start of the challenge. We'll use an app for this challenge to track our miles/steps instead of self-reporting. Teams will be competing for total miles divided by the number of active team members.
Prizes will be a gift card of your choice for:
1st Prize: $200
2nd Prize: $150
3rd Prize: $75
Top Individual Walker: $50
Social Butterfly: $25
Mental Health
Although mental health services can be effective, significant barriers — including access to care, fear of the stigma associated with care, and lack of insurance — prevent many from seeking services. Research indicates that many children in need of mental health services don’t get treatment or suffer for years before being diagnosed. WIC Can Help families get the support they need.
Support CWA online!
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