JUNE 1 2021
CVB Increase Goes Into Effect!

Today's the day! As of June 1, California WIC will begin 4 months of increased fruit and vegetable benefits as a result of the American Rescue Plan. Be sure to spread the word to participants and potential participants.
Food Package Review
The American Rescue Plan Act only authorized a four-month benefit increase, but USDA has authority to review the WIC food packages and permanently increase the value of the WIC benefit. USDA previously indicated that a food package review could begin in August 2021. Stay tuned for opportunities to advocate for an increased and improved food package. 
Modernizing the WIC Experience - NWA Blog

This week, NWA published a new blog post, How We Can Build a More Modern WIC Experience, highlighting opportunities to enhance the program through outreach, streamlining certifications, health care coordination and integration, and creating an equitable shopping experience.
CA Legislature Released Budget Plan

Though the total spending mirrors Governor Gavin Newsom’s May budget proposal, the Legislature’s plan - released today - includes more money for big-ticket items like climate change, wildfire prevention, affordable housing and expanded health care coverage for undocumented residents. State budget talks are officially in the closing stages as the Legislature and Newsom have two weeks to reach a final deal.
State Legislative Process Moving Forward
Many of the bills on CWA's bill monitor list continue to make their way through the legislature. We eagerly anticipate the completion of the budget process to see where we stand on funding some important initiatives, such as increased paid sick days (AB 995) and Food4All (AB 464) that CWA supports.
Call for WIC Watch Stories!

Twice a year, CWA publishes the WIC Watch - a magazine for WIC staff, partner organizations, and any folks interested in all things WIC! We welcome your story submissions for our fall issue, the deadline is September 6th.
WIC Worksite Wellness Updates!

Wellness Wednesdays Starts on June 2nd! Please join us for:
  • Compassionate Body Scan Meditation, June 2, 12:30-1pm       
  • Yoga for at work or a desk! June 9, 12:30-1:00pm
  • Qigong with Cat, June 16, 12:30-1:00pm
More sessions to come…you can join WIC Wellness Wednesdays using this link.

Attention!!! We need WIC agency and community partners to sign up to host one or more WIC Wellness Wednesdays. If you or your staff practice wellness in any number of ways, we need your creativity and focus to lift up others! Sign up today, it is a small commitment for a greater good. Email Jodi with questions. Hosting one or multiple Wellness Wednesdays works towards WWW Certification and Recertification, not to mention helping your staff to prioritize self-care every week!
CDC Report on Breastfeeding Disparities
There is considerable racial/ethnic variation in breastfeeding initiation across the United States, according to research published in the May 28 issue of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Breastfeeding Associated With Reduced ADHD Risk
In a nationally representative sample of preschool children, breastfeeding was associated with a lower prevalence of ADHD. These findings provide evidence in support of the neurodevelopmental benefits of breastfeeding.

Mothers' Depression Impacts Mother-Infant Relationships
Research has found that women with depression during pregnancy, or with a history of depression, had a reduced quality of mother-infant interaction at both eight weeks and 12 months after their babies were born.

Sun Safety
It's summer, and we all want to be out enjoying the sunshine, going for a walk to get some vitamin D, or beating the heat in the pool. It's important to remember not to forget about sun protection, though!
Summer Meals for Kids!
Numerous studies have shown that hungry children cannot learn effectively and that even mild malnutrition can impair physical and cognitive growth. Breakfastlunch and snacks served at or after school can provide children the food they need for optimal health and learning. WIC Can Help families with school-age children (including students entering kindergarten) benefit from school meal programs. Summer meals have been made available for free to children in all areas during the pandemic!
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