Communication to Families Regarding COVID-19 Response Plan
March 13, 2020
Dear Families in Christ,
The Leadership Team at Clear Water Academy continues to meet to review our COVID-19 Response Plan. Our goals are to:
  1. Provide security, safety and stability for our students, families, and faculty,
  2. Provide for the ongoing education of our students,
  3. Keep you well informed.
If you would like to review the information that has already been sent about Clear Water Academy's procedures related to COVID-19 please click this link:

The following is new information regarding protocols being implemented in our school:
Clear Water Academy
COVID-19 Response Plan
As of March 13, 2020
  • The High School Boys mission trip to Guatemala has been cancelled.
  • The decision to cancel the High School Girls Pilgrimage to Italy was made on February 27, 2020.
  • The Fish Fry, scheduled for Wednesday, March 18, has been cancelled.
Extra-Curricular Activities:
  • All offsite extra-curricular activities from now until the Easter break will be either rescheduled or cancelled. This includes field trips and outdoor education activities.
  • The Grade 10/11 offsite overnight retreat, planned for Monday and Tuesday (March 16-17) next week, will be a one-day retreat on Campus on Monday, March 16 with the RC Missionaries.
  • Athletics - There are no Crusader offsite games or tournaments from now through to Easter break.

Large Gatherings:
  • Any event in the Athlone Hall auditorium will be limited to 100 people to allow for social distancing.
  • Any event in the Harvey Hall gymnasium will be limited to 250 people to allow for social distancing.
On-Going Education:
  • We are developing plans for the continued education of our students for families who are choosing to self-isolate and in the possible case of the school’s closure. We will communicate these plans to our families on Monday, March 16. 
  • If for some reason the school is closed on Monday, March 16 - we advise you via email over the weekend.
Cleaning Protocol/Procedures:
  • All water fountains are to be used only for filling water bottles. Students, faculty and visitors are not to use the fountains for drinking. Signs have been posted at every fountain.

Protocol for Illness and for Self-Isolation:
  • If your child is not well – sneezing, cough, cold, stomach flu, fever, etc., they are to stay home from school until they are well.
  • We have had a few families choose to have their children stay home or self-isolate. As a reminder, families who choose to have their children stay home or self-isolate are required to inform the school. Families who self-isolate should expect to be at home for 14 days. Anyone symptom-free after the 14-day isolation or who receive a negative test for the COVID-19 Virus may return to school. 
  • We are working on plans to support those students and families for continued learning at home who choose to stay home from school or self-isolate. These plans will be communicated to you on Monday, March 16, 2020.
School Closure:
  • In the event of a school closure, we are developing plans for the continued learning of students online at home. These plans will be communicated to you on Monday, March 16, 2020.
Faculty and School Families Travelling:
  • The Government of Alberta has advised that Albertans are NOT recommended to travel outside of the country at this time. 

  • Albertans who are currently travelling outside of the country should self-isolate on their return for 14 days, independent of the country they were visiting. 

  • If your travel is essential or you elect to travel: 

  1. We will require all school families and faculty members travelling over the Easter break to complete a Travel Form indicating the countries/regions that they will be travelling to and the dates of travel. 
  2. Any families or faculty returning from any travel will be required to follow the Alberta Health Services protocol. 
  3. The online form will be available by Wednesday, March 18, 2020.
Change of date for Easter Break:
We have had preliminary discussions about changing the date of our Easter break, but have not yet made any decisions. The length and timing of a break/closure of schools by Alberta Health Services will be a key part of this decision. We will keep you informed. 
Latest Information from Alberta Health Services as of March 12, 2020:
Update ( ) the chief Medical Officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, indicated the following:
At this time, schools and daycares can remain open but steps should be taken to ensure that no more than 250 individuals are in the same room at any given time. The Medical Officer of Health for Alberta will make this decision based upon evidence that Alberta Health Services is gathering
Additional Considerations for Schools:
As noted by Dr. Hinshaw, parents should be encouraged to discuss the virus with their children. In her press release today, she stated: 
“It is important to remember that children look to adults for guidance during new or stressful events. If you do not provide them with accurate information, they will still pick things up at school, on the playground, from television and online. It is important that all parents talk to their children in a factual, age-appropriate way. Let them know that worrying is a normal and healthy response. Be honest and accurate. Evidence to date suggests that the vast majority of kids who contract COVID-19 experience mild symptoms. Most importantly, parents should make their children feel safe and educate them on everyday actions they can take that will help them reduce the spread of germs.”
Due to the fluid nature of COVID-19, our Response Plan will be continually updated and we will keep you well informed.
Sincerely in Christ,

Bill Tomiak
Executive Director