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Over the last four months, CWEE has helped our participants transition into 123  employment opportunities with an average wage of $11.44 - that's $3.13 over Colorado's current minimum wage. More than half of these opportunities are in full-time positions.

The talent and skills of CWEE's career seekers are as diverse as their career interests. The top three full-time placements are for a flight attendant, dentist and hospital resource specialist. 

We are excited to welcome three new Employer Advisory Council members. 

New members are:

Leah Chelist

Employee Relations Manager

BLDG Management

Joe Scancarello

Vice President of Student Affairs

Accounting & Business 

School of the Rockies

Hailey Thiel

Director of Business Services

BLDG Management

Holiday Gifts Program

New and unused items needed:
Toy cars, trucks and figurines

Children's gloves, socks, hats, and scarves

Books for children and young adults

Gift cards - Walmart, Ross, and King Soopers

Stuffed animals and dolls

Children's winter coats, jackets, sweaters and boots

Board games and card games

Children's blankets, bedding, and pillows

Learning and educational games

Diapers, wipes, and baby hygiene products

Wrapping paper, tape, bows, holiday bags and tissue paper


Please drop off unwrapped gifts at CWEE no later than December 9.

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The last weeks have been momentous with the election marking an end to a long and stormy campaign season nationally and at the state and local levels.  We are now putting the results into perspective as we try and see what the future holds for ourselves, our friends and neighbors and especially for those individuals who we serve every day at CWEE.  Those who are experiencing the constraints and disparities of poverty, the inequalities of class and the inequities of race.   
Since election day I've been in several meetings and discussions with many of you as well as my peers and leaders of organizations that work for justice, food security, homeless, arts, children and youth.  I have focused along with others in remembering and celebrating the incredible work that we engage in our organizations as we do our utmost to focus on lessoning and stamping out prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry while lifting up the hopes and dreams and opportunities for our constituents. 
I also have to reflect on the incredible strength and resilience of CWEE over these past 34 years.  Through the myriad of changes including:
  • The transition from the former AFDC program in the 80's to TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) in the 90's
  • Our intentional shift over the decades to develop our state of the art case management, training and education and employment model focused on changing lives
  • The ups and downs of our economy resulting in new opportunities to fine-tune our organization and adjust our programs to produce stronger outcomes than before
  • The ups and downs of political cycles which highlight the potency of CWEE's bi-partisan vision to lead Colorado in cultivating self-supporting families
Now as we are on the eve of our 35th year I know that the sustainability and legacy of our programs will continue.  I am working with my collegues both locally and nationally to discern how the new administration will focus on programs such as workforce development, TANF, support services, etc.  As these concepts become clear and as they begin to take shape I will of course keep everyone informed.   We need to remember that government overhaul and policy change take time.  I continue to be involved locally and nationally with the renewed sense of attention to advocacy and communication of good sound strategies.
At CWEE we will also be extra attentive and sensitive to the voices of our participants and value how they are feeling about the future.
I hope that you have a wonderful beginning of the Holiday Season next week celebrating Thanksgiving with your families and loved ones.  And that we continue to count the many blessings that we enjoy.
With caring and support,
Laurie Harvey


Nia came to CWEE in January 2016 at her 59th month of TANF. She has 6 children and 2 grandchildren; 5 kids are still in the home. At her intake, she reported that she hadn't worked in 13 years as she had been raising her kids and she was ready to maximize the time she did have with CWEE to prepare herself to return to the workforce. Nia jumped in full force and completed Phases 1-3 of the CWEE Program and earned her Word and Typing certificates within 1 month of enrollment. And even though her TANF had ended by that time, she didn't stop there. Nia continued to work with CWEE voluntarily building her skills, advocating for herself and the other participants by speaking at events with President and CEO of CWEE, Laurie Harvey and by working with our Employment Services team to obtain an internship. Nia began her internship with DU in April and successfully completed it by the end of June. She received high praise from her supervisor at the internship and was able to boost her resume and professional reference list through this experience. 

CEO/President Laurie Harvey (left) with Nia

Over the summer, Nia was notified by her landlord that she would need to move out of the home she had been living in with her children for several years using their section 8 voucher. She struggled to find a new location to take the voucher due to the housing shortage in the Denver Metro area. Nia became homeless for over 1 month; her children had to stay with family during the summer months while she completed her internship, job searched with the assistance of our Employment Services Team and while she searched for housing. Nia was able to find housing and CWEE was able to assist with her deposit to ensure she secured stable housing for her family. Nia returned to classes on-site at CWEE and worked in the job search lab with Employment Services. Within 1 month, Nia was able to obtain full-time employment with benefits at Prospect International Airport Services as a Baggage Service Officer. She has been employed for 2 months and she is already being sent to Texas for additional training as they would like to consider her for a promotion in the coming months. Nia worked extremely hard over the last 10 months and has had a tremendous journey; engaging with the CWEE program, trusting the process, learning to advocate for herself and taking control of the future for herself and her family. We are so proud of Nia and all of her accomplishments; her hard work and dedication shine through and the results speak for themselves.

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