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April 13th, 2015

Accomplishments, Updates and the
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Program Updates: I am delighted to share CWEE's accomplishments and program success! Our dedicated staff and Board of Directors are a constant source of inspiration as they share their incredible talents in support of achieving our mission. This year, we are serving nearly double the number of single parents than we served last year; all of whom are the most vulnerable in our community. As they go through CWEE's program, they work diligently despite their innumerable barriers, motivated by the potential to gain employment and become self-supporting. The three major obstacles most of CWEE's participants face are: child care, housing, and transportation. These challenges are exacerbated by our participants' low fundamental skills, lack of high school diploma, homelessness and little or no job experience.

Despite these difficult odds, CWEE is moving quickly to place more graduates in employment this year than last year. In fact, we have 198 placements to date compared to 161 in all of last year! Our average full time wage to-date is $11.27 per hour - a full $3.07 per hour above minimum wage.


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