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Sept 2017 Newsletter

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What's New -
CWI online exam prep course for AWS CWI parts A, B & C 

AWS CWI Exam Prep Course

CWI online training course for exam prep - $1099. Contains over 3000 questions covering parts A, B & C of the AWS CWI exam.

This online course will prepare you for the fundamentals, practical, and code portions of this most comprehensive exam. Take advantage of the introductory price $799 through October 10, thereafter the course price is $1099.

Please note:
  • This is a 60 hour training program which includes over 3,000 practice questions.
  • These are actual questions that you will be seen on the exam.
  • This is a self-paced online CWI course that allows the student to stop and start at will. You can study 10 minutes or 10 hours.
  • The course can be used on mobile devices as well as a computer. There is no need to take off work to attend a class.
  • The fundamentals portion of the exam is also known as part A. The part A portion of this exam prep course contains over 2000 questions covering all sections of the WIT-2008 (Welding Inspection Technology.)
  • The practical (part B) portion contains over 500 questions that are based on the new book of specifications put out by the AWS in January 2016.
  • The Code portion of the exam is known as part C. The part C portion of this CWI class will cover the API 1104 code. There are 380 questions that go along with this API 1104 training.
There are 4 purchase options for this course - You can either purchase parts A, B or C separately or purchase the entire course and receive the discounted price through Oct 
Hurricane Response and Market Effect: An API Fact Sheet

Hurricane and tropical storm activity can put a strain on U.S. oil and natural gas operations, particularly if the storm tracks through the production-heavy Gulf of Mexico or makes landfall along the Gulf Coast region, which houses many of the nation's refinery and natural gas processing centers. API has assembled this fact sheet to help consumers better understand the interconnected U.S. fuel supply system and what happens when a supply shock, such as a major hurricane, occurs.

Download the entire PDF report here.
Hurricanes and the Oil and Natural Gas Industry Preparations 
America's oil and natural gas industry is committed to protecting the environment and to continuously improving its hurricane preparation and response plans. After any hurricane or tropical storm, the goal is to return to full operations as quickly and as safely as possible. For the 2017 hurricane season, the industry continues to build upon critical lessons learned from 2008's major hurricanes, Gustav and Ike, as well as other powerful storms, such as 2005's Katrina and Rita or 2012's Superstorm Sandy.   
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In Atlas's revolutionary approach to certification training, our onsite training courses can be combined with online training to produce the very best learning combination available in the industry. This allows the student to prepare before the onsite class and to review the course after the onsite training class. This enables the student to prepare for a certification exam much more thoroughly than a conventional classroom course alone. The online portion is not just a partial pre-training course. It is the full online version of the course.

Download out Onsite Training Catalog here. 
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Atlas is looking for instructors for training courses in the oil, gas, power, and nuclear fields. If you are interested in becoming an instructing partner, please contact Hannon McLeod ( ). We are interested in any training courses related to the oil, gas, chemical, and power industries. We have the best compensation plan in the industry.