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CWIMA Launches “Heart of Mercy Mission”
-Helping Afghan Refugees is First Outreach
by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

Christian Women in Media (CWIMA) is introducing a Charitable Division of CWIMA to help women called the Heart of Mercy Mission (HMM). The mission of HMM is to rescue, redeem and restore women through the power of Christ and a tangible humanitarian effort, God’s heart is for the those who are oppressed, disadvantaged, and abused. It’s CWIMA’s desire to “Reflect God’s Mercy to Abused Women Globally.”
Heart of Mercy’s first initiative is to provide for women and children refugees from Afghanistan who are in a state of emergency. God has opened the door for CWIMA through a direct channel to help refugees with essentials and to distribute the gospel to them in print.
The needs are great:
  •       Hygiene packages 
  •       Clothes to be purchased for the women and children.
  •       Medical supplies for those with chronic illnesses.
  •       Security Costs
  •       Printing & translations Costs for gospel printed materials
  •       For counselors to provide post-traumatic counseling
“Christian Women in Media Association is an organization all about women helping women,” said Suellen Roberts, Founder and President of Christian Women in Media Association. “I don’t believe we can stand by and not assist women and children in their time of need. I hope you will consider donating to our charity Heart of Mercy Mission today. The proceeds will be utilized for the efforts already underway to help these refugees.”

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Equipped to Serve - Media Tip
Chin Up! Eyes up! You're on Camera!
by Carole Brewer

Here's are some great tips for looking years younger on ZOOM, Facebook Live, selfie's, and recording! Ready?

  • Place your camera straight ahead or above so you're looking up, not down. Looking down will cast shadows on your face and enhance wrinkles.

  • If someone is taking your photo or video, ask them to please raise the camera so your face will be looking up. You eyes will appear much more open.

  • Put your laptop on something like a box or stack of books to raise it up. You'll connect better with your viewers as you look straight ahead and not down.

  • Look up to your phone when taking a selfie or recording.

  • Lighting is very important too! For computers and portable devices, use a USB light to brighten your face so others can see your wonderful smile! Make sure to use a warm light setting rather than a cool setting. Cool light tends to make us look washed out with a blue or green tint. Warm looks pretty!

Remember to put your best face forward and let Jesus shine through you!

Contact: Carole Brewer, Author, Speaker, Singer-Songwriter, and Vocal Coach
Faith Talk
The ART of Keeping Our Balance
by JoAnne Monroe Matthews

In writing and in life, keeping one’s balance is extremely important. Juggling work responsibilities, family, and ministries can be challenging to say the least. So, let’s talk about the ART of keeping one’s balance amid all the activities.

With the cooler weather and the soon change of time, there is often the feeling of being off balance with the day-to-day schedule. There comes a moment when you determine to realign yourself, rearrange daily priorities or even regroup by building a support group to get things done. For the most part, there is an art to living and working with balance.
An easy way to remember the ART of Balance is the letter A stands for the Action you take to be in balance, R stands for Rest. Take time to rest, be restored in your body, mind, and Spirit. May be the most important letter is the letter T because it stands for Trusting in God. Trusting for Him to heal your heart of any disappointment, to give you hope to dream, and help as you journey through each day.

Christian woman in leadership often sees themselves as a lone wolf. Even knowing the Truth, that we are never alone. So, remember the ART of balance. Consider actively joining forces with a group of like-minded women. You can help keep each other encouraged to stay in balance. Remember to take Action, give yourself time to Rest, and Trust in God. He will help you to keep your balance.

Contact: JoAnne Monroe Matthews, Monroe Publishing/The Star News
Member Spotlight
Annette Trucke resides in the Pacific Northwest amid the lushness of the Willamette Valley of Oregon. She is a member of the CWIMA President’s Club and has served CWIMA as a Local Network Leader, National Associate Membership Director, and currently serves on the CWIMA Marketing Team. Annette established Audacious Consulting & Media in 2012. She wrote Audacious Consulting Dream Launching Manual as a tool for people and organizations to vet, plan, and execute their dreams. She consults with media professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives coming alongside at various junctures of their journeys.
Annette has been involved with various media genres, including film, social media, radio, podcast, authoring, writing, publishing, and marketing. She leads TRAILHEAD, a women's hiking group where she challenges and encourages women of all ages to “do tough stuff in beautiful places!” Annette and her husband Jack Anderson spend their free time enjoying the outdoors indulging in photography, creativity, laughter, and marveling at God’s creation. Her children and grandchildren are always her heart’s delight, that, and serving Jesus.

Contact: Annette Trucke, Audacious Consulting & Media
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