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November 1-2 in Fort Worth, Texas
by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

Get your cowboy hat and boots ready! We’re rounding up all Christian Women in Media Association (CWIMA) members and their media colleagues for the 2022 CWIMA International Conference.

It will be held November 1–2 at the Springhill Suites, located in the historic Ft. Worth Stockyards. The theme of this year’s conference is 'UNLOCKED'.

At the event, the goal is to: “UNLOCK connections,” “UNLOCK creativity,” “UNLOCK capacity,” and “UNLOCK content.” The CWIMA Executive Team and Conference leaders are in the process of inviting nationally–known speakers from across the country who will provide the keys to unlocking the potential in all attendees of the conference.

“Everything is falling into place for the UNLOCKED Conference,” said CWIMA Conference Director, Sue McGray. “The hotel is perfect for the event and it will be the most interesting CWIMA Conference location that we’ve ever had.” “I recommend that our CWIMA members come in early, or stay over a day or two later to enjoy everything Ft. Worth and the Stockyards have to offer,” said Sharon Hill, CWIMA President.

Members should take advantage of the early-bird special. The UNLOCKED conference is only $149 prior to June 1st. After that, the price increases to $199. In addition, the Springhill Suites is giving CWIMA members a discounted room rate of $149, a price that is good for an extended stay either before or after the conference.

The links to register for the conference, as well as to reserve the room can be found at:

Get Ready to Share a Life-changing Experience in 'Cowtown' Texas!

UPCOMING! MAY 19 - IN-PERSON EVENT Be a part of an event near you!
Member Spotlight
For over two decades, Wendie Pett has been motivating people to make fitness and good nutrition part of their daily routine! Wendie teaches the balance of mind, body and spirit through her Visibly Fit™ wellness program and has a nationally syndicated television program that airs each week on the NRB Network, LIFTABLEtv, WLCN, and IBN Television. Visibly Fit™ has aired for over 9 years. Her television show also appears weekly on the Life Network For Women app. For over 8 years, she’s been known as ‘Coach Wendie’ on KTIS radio in the Twin Cities with her featured healthy tips segments.
Wendie is also a featured columnist in VEGWORLD Magazine,The Christian View, Best Ever You, Refreshed, Vegan Lifestyle, and She has two podcasts, Visibly Fit (won Best Lifestyle Podcast 2021 by Spark Media) and Your Biggest Breakthrough with her husband, Todd.

Wendie is a full-time business owner, a naturopathic doctor, wife, mother, author, speaker, TV host, advisory board member for Christian Women in Media and part-time volunteer. Her business consists of whole-food/plant-based wellness coaching, emotional healing, personal online training, fitness planning, educational and motivational speaking, and creating new products/tools to assist clients along their wellness journey.

After a major injury to her shoulder, Wendie resorted to body weight resistance exercises for strength and healing. Since then, she hasn’t needed the weight resistance or any other form of training.

Wendie has helped countless others reach their fitness goals without ever compromising their joints, tendons, or ligaments - teaching that Your Body Is Your Gym™ and instilling new diet habits that have shown to reverse multiple diseases and allow people to get off medications. To learn more, go to

Equipped to Serve - Media Tip
You Are You-er Than You, That is True!
by Beth Townsend

Today’s media tip is simple. Answer this question, who are YOU? “Today you are you that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is you-er than you.” (Dr. Seuss)
As Christian Women in Media, we must know who we are. We shouldn’t emulate what we see others doing, we must know what makes us different. Most have fallen prey, at one time or another, of trying something because someone else did it well. That can quickly become a problem.
Being on purpose means being on point. Without a plan, we could be quick to blend-in when we are called to be brave and bold. Most of us do similar work: writing, speaking and posting in mass media. While that is good, we must know what it is that makes us different. People want to know who we really are.
Y: You?  We hear a lot of what is your why, but seriously, who is your who? We are human beings, not human doings. Who we are in Christ is what prompts what we do in our media messaging. We must know who we are in order to show who we are.
O: Opportunity: Last night at an outdoor concert a man caught the attention of most in attendance. He danced, a lot! Alone, with people, on the stage and around the audience. Having a great time. Not trying to impress anyone. He was happy with who he was and not afraid to walk in it. Lesson learned.
U: Unique:  Try going backwards in order to move forward. Take time to review your media message. How can you change it? How can you become more authentic? What should you be doing differently? Where is your competitive edge? What is your story? Excellence in media requires consistency in branding of a you-nique message.
Only you are you-er than you. Make sure others see the real you and the Jesus who got you there.

Beth Townsend has a purpose; to changes the world one story at a time! She is the author of Life on Purpose and talk show host for Connect with Beth at
Faith Talk
by Sharon Hill, CWIMA President

Can you imagine what it was like that first Easter morning?
Just a few days earlier, Peter flees when Jesus is arrested – then three times denies even knowing Him. Peter’s guilt becomes so overpowering, the Bible says he “wept bitterly” (Matthew 26:75).
And Mary Magdalene – the one who sees the Lord breathe His last breath – becomes consumed with grief. When she visits the tomb, she also weeps … believing someone has stolen Jesus’s body.
Then Thomas, upon hearing Jesus is alive, becomes filled with doubt – saying he will never believe this to be true – unless he personally touches the risen Lord.
Guilt … grief … doubt.
As common and paralyzing as these emotions can be … our risen Savior changes everything. When they meet the risen Jesus …
Peter is restored.
   … Mary is comforted.
      … Thomas is assured.
Still today – our risen Savior is changing lives. He is using you and me to do it! He is using us to pray for our family and friends who have not committed their lives to Jesus Christ. Time is short!
Let me ask you a sobering question. On a scale 1-10, how would you grade your personal prayer life? Do you pray only on occasion, when on-the-run or only in crisis? Does God hear your prayers? Does He answer them?
Studies show the average Christian prays only 6-7 minutes a day. A Barna survey reported that 66% of Christians are classified as “Casual Christians.”

In this day and time, we cannot be casual about our faith . . . especially when it comes to the matter of PRAYER. Indeed, God is always available when we call on Him. We never have to leave a voice mail or be placed on hold. God is always on call. I love the scripture that says . . .

Call on me and I will answer you and show you great and
mighty things, which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3.
Each day, let’s not look into the face of another person until we have first looked into the Face of God. No guilt, no doubt, and no grief.
I will give myself unto prayer.” Psalm 109:4

Sharon Hill is the author of the OnCall Prayer Journal, The Power of Three, and has co-authored The Most Powerful P Activity Book and Prayer Journal. She is a prayer coach, conference and retreat speaker, and President of Christian Women In Media Association. Connect with Sharon Hill at
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