Yoder Update - April 2022
We hope that you had a great Easter celebration. What a great time of year to celebrate what Jesus did for each of us. Thinking through the time before Jesus’ death we often read the prayer Jesus prayed for his disciples and all believers (John 17). 

We want to ask you to join us in prayer for all those serving in Christian World Outreach ministries in Burkina Faso, Haiti, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and here in the US. Pray that God will be glorified for what he has done through CWO. He has been faithful to supply all that is needed for ministry and has allowed us to see Him work over the years.
One thing Jesus prayed for was protection of His disciples and all believers. We would ask that you pray for protection of the leadership and staff as they carry out the ministries God has given us. Pray that God will protect us from those who hate the Gospel.
Specifically, pray for our leaders and staff in Burkina Faso and Sri Lanka where physical attacks have occurred. Islamic militants have attacked churches in Burkina Faso which makes the Mobile Clinic a target as they meet at churches and share the Gospel with those waiting to receive care from the medical team. Also, pray for those serving in Sri Lanka. There have been times when monks have attacked believers and have attempted to shut down churches. Also, our staff are often watched by the military as they serve the widows and elderly at a local church in Anaivilunthan. Please pray for the physical safety of those serving as they travel and meet the needs of those they serve.
  • Pray for protection from the evil one for all of the CWO leadership and staff. Satan wants to cause fear and doubt, distract from God’s plans and hinder the work from moving forward. 

  • Pray that the leaders and staff will not fear because of the circumstances around them whether that be unstable governments, kidnappings, natural disasters, currency fluctuations or anything else. Pray that God will give them peace knowing He is in control when things seem out of their control.

  • Pray that the leaders and staff will not doubt that God owns everything and will supply all that is needed to do the work that He has given them to do. It would be easy for them to worry that funds will not be available to meet the needs of the people they serve and that they will not be able to share the Gospel with them.
  • Pray that the leaders and staff will not be distracted by the overwhelming needs of those they serve. We know that they want to serve more and more people and sometimes that can be a distraction from serving and meeting the needs of the ones God has already given them to help.

  • Pray that the plans God has will not be hindered as the leaders and staff follow where God is leading. Pray that God will remove any obstacles that may be in the way of His plans so that the Gospel can be shared with many.
We thank you for praying for us and all those we have the privilege of working with us here at CWO. God has been good and we trust that He will continue a good work through those He has chosen to be a part of the CWO ministries.
We would like to ask you to join us on the National Day of Prayer on May 5th as we pray for the ministries of CWO. You can go to our website at cwomissions.org/news-events/ and sign up to let us know that you will be praying with us. This would be a great time to get your church, Bible study group and others to also pray for CWO!
Serving Together,
Greg and Laura
  • The work of the Mobile Clinic staff in Burkina Faso.
  • For the 26 people who accepted Jesus in Burkina!
  • For those helping flood victims in South Africa.
  • For Craig and his desire to reach young people in Zimbabwe.
  • For the safety of the Mobile Clinic staff.
  • For the safety of those affected by the floods in South Africa.
  • For the goat program and that it will be a blessing to the families in Zimbabwe.
Christian World Outreach