Yoder Update - July 2022
God is Good!
Just like here in the States, inflation has hit Burkina Faso (15.3%), Haiti (25.2%), South Africa (7.4%), Sri Lanka (54.6%), Zimbabwe (191.6%) as it possibly has every country of the world. Costs for goods and services have gone up for many different reasons and are exacerbated by other things, such as the after-effects of COVID, extremist’s attacks, failed and overthrown governments, gang violence, riots, etc.

God is Good!
Since the military coup in January, it has been reported that attacks on villages have increased. This is the opposite of what was promised by those who instigated the coup. This has caused some of the Village of Opportunity students to remain at the school instead of returning home to their families. 
Despite safety being an issue in Burkina, 26 young ladies took their final exams and 25 passed. At a recent Mobile Clinic, 138 individuals received medical care. The Gospel has been shared at the VOO and the Mobile Clinics with 25 VOO young ladies and 21 people receiving medical care accepting Christ.

God is Good!
The UN is reporting that there have been 934 killings, 684 injuries and 680 kidnappings from January until the end of June this year in Haiti. Some areas around Port-au-Prince are seeing gangs denying people access to water and food to control them. The violence has caused people to shut themselves in their homes, and flee their homes which has added to the already unstable situation there.  
Despite the gang violence in Haiti, 30 ladies graduated from the Feminine Training Center (FTC) in LaJeune. Even though violence and lack of funds hindered some of the Port-au-Prince students from taking the final exams, 70 of the 103 students took the exams. The ministry of the eight CWO churches also continues on as they share the Gospel in their communities. Recently five people from the LaVictorie church were baptized.

God is Good!
Protests, the president fleeing and leadership changing have caused an economic crisis in Sri Lanka. There are now food shortages, fuel shortages and power cuts making life more difficult for those who are already struggling. These things now are increasing tension even more as people want change to happen now.

Despite the recent crisis that has begun this year, Christians are gathering in homes to pray together. They are praying, not just for change in their situation but for opportunities to share the Gospel with those around them. The difficulties happening now are being looked at as opportunities to serve others and to share Christ’s love no matter what the circumstances are around them. Even though travel is restricted because of the fuel shortages and restrictions on how much fuel can be purchased, Bavan is able to call the widows to check on them and encourage them.
All the time God is Good! We could look at all the negative things that are going on in Burkina Faso, Haiti, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe but instead we choose to look at what God is doing. We know God can take the struggles and difficulties and make them opportunities to be Christ’s hands and feet.

Thank you for your prayers and for your financial support as we continue to follow God’s leading and find ways to serve those He has put in our path.

Serving Together,
Greg & Laura
  • For opportunities to share the Gospel.
  • For our leadership in Burkina, Haiti, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.
  • For His leading as we seek ways to serve others.
  • For extremist attacks in Burkina Faso to stop.
  • That gangs will no longer control areas of Haiti.
  • For peace to be restored in Sri Lanka.
  • For the economy to stabilize in Zimbabwe. 
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