Yoder Update - June 2022
We just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary this month. This has caused us to look back and remember things from years past. One reason for this was being surprised with a party by our children while visiting Michigan. It is the first time we have all been together in one place for over 10 years. We were also surprised to see friends who have been a part of our mission’s journey, some of whom we met when we lived in Haiti and others who went with us on mission trips.

As we look back, we see how God has been a part of building relationships with people. We have been blessed with meeting many people who have a heart for sharing the Gospel through foreign missions. We have met people who have served with us in the countries where CWO has ministry, people who are great ministry leaders and many people who we have been able to serve through ministry. Also, we have had many people who have invested financially into the CWO ministries.

As we look back, we see how God has grown His ministry. He led a group of people to Haiti 44 years ago who wanted to develop Christian leaders through youth ministry and to meet the physical needs of people there. God then led us to begin ministry in Burkina Faso, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Then he led us to begin ministry in South Africa and Sri Lanka. All of these have been built on relationships that were developed over time.

Times like this also cause us to look ahead in anticipation of where we see God leading. Remembering how God has led in the past and seeing how he is leading today; we cannot help but be assured that He is continuing to move us forward in ministry.

We have begun to look ahead to the possibility of building a classroom and kitchen for the culinary classes in Burkina Faso. With the start of culinary classes this past school year we need to have a place that is designed specifically for this purpose. We also have begun to look at other building projects to minister to more young ladies and provide an opportunity to create income in-country.

With the recent first graduation at the LaJeune Feminine Training Center, we look forward to the continued growth of the FTC there as well as Port-au-Prince and Mirebalais.  
We have seen the number of Single Moms Raising Sons Bible study groups continue to grow and help single moms know who they are in Christ so they can point their sons to a heavenly Father who will never abandon them. We now have one of the Bible studies translated into Zulu and look forward to having others translated as well as, Bible studies translated into other languages so more women can be ministered to in their own language.
A recent mandate in Sri Lanka is pushing for a four-day work week over the next three months encouraging people to take the fifth day to plant crops. They hope this will help with recent food, fuel, other shortages and other issues the country is going through. As we have mentioned, we can see God leading as He provides us ways to help the widows and elderly that we minister to in Sri Lanka. We have begun thinking about assisting the widows and elderly with growing crops for them to eat which will reduce the cost of food we give them, and allow them to sell the food to generate income. We are also thinking of purchasing excess crops they grow to feed the children we tutor and feed. 

Not only is God moving in Sri Lanka, but he has also supplied us with a great activity hall in Zimbabwe that is being used for ministry and even generating some income by renting it out. We are now moving forward by beginning to build a kitchen to be used for Our Kids camps and leadership training, and we are also starting to build some cabins. These will help us continue the quality of the ministry by assisting the vulnerable children in the Our Kids Program and continuing to develop church leaders.

We look forward to see what God will do through the ministries that He has allowed us to be a part of in Burkina Faso, Haiti, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Thank you for being a part of our journey as we have followed God’s leading and as we continue to watch for how He will lead in the future. We look forward to sharing what God is doing next.

Serving Together,
Greg & Laura
Sarah, Levi, Greg, Laura, Jeremie, Rachael
Greg, Laura, Jeremie, Ella, Isaiah
Malachi, Noah, Jackson, Lucas
  • For a great golf tournament here in Colorado! God gave us great weather, a group of 105 golfers, and we were able to raise over $24,000 for ministry.
  • For how He has led us in the past.
  • For protecting our leaders and staff in all the countries as they share the Gospel.
  • For the CWO board as they lead and make decisions.
  • For Onias, our National Director in Zimbabwe, who has been ill.
  • That God would make it clear to us how He is leading in all the ministries.
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