Yoder Update - June 2023

Recently, I have been asked a couple times about what I do every day. I usually joke that I just sit around all day doing nothing but in reality, my days are full of activities for Christian World Outreach (CWO). My normal activities are dealing with fundraising, meeting with existing donors and potential donors, communicating with ministry leaders on current activities and other administrative activities.

This past month, these activities have revolved around serving, in big and small ways, the leaders of the CWO ministries and those that support the ministries.

I made multiple runs to the airport picking up and dropping off CWO staff and giving them rides to where they needed to be. Onias from Zimbabwe was in Denver visiting supporters and also visiting his son who will soon graduate from college soon. Also, Salomi came from South Africa while Thembi, the co-founder of the Single Moms Raising Sons ministry, had her hip surgery and to attend his brother’s high school graduation. It was good to be able to meet face to face with these two men hearing how God is working and making plans for future ministry.

Some of what I do is encourage and care for our leadership and staff. Sometimes this is done long distance and sometimes it can be here locally. Thembi just graduated from Denver Seminary. It was great to celebrate with her at a reception held at the seminary for all the graduates. I was also able to bring her from the hospital back to her apartment after having hip surgery with a stop at Chick-fil-A to pick up some dinner.

Rajeeve, our leader for the ministry in Sri Lanka, recently had triple bypass surgery. If that was not enough stress on him and his family, they just discovered that their young son Micah has a brain tumor and will have surgery this week. They live here in the Denver area so I will be going to sit with Rajeeve and Jennifer during Micah’s four-to-six-hour surgery. Please pray for Micah, Rajeeve and Jennifer.


There are times some of our staff in Burkina Faso, Haiti, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe, who do not have medical insurance available, need assistance with medical costs. This is why we created a Medical Fund and I try to raise funds for it because I know this shows our leaders and staff that we care for them. These funds have been used when staff and leaders from Haiti needed help. We were able to help with some of Marie’s heart transplant costs, Lumanes medical costs after having a stroke and when Pastor Elino needed surgery. We have helped with some insurance costs for Judith and Stephen, Onias and Winnie’s children, while they were here attending college. We were able to help Thembi with some of the cost for her recent hip surgery. God has been good and kept this fund with enough to help those serving Him.

On June 19 we held our 10th Annual Making a Difference Golf Tournament. This has been the 4th coldest June and wettest June ever on record in Colorado but God gave us a beautiful sunny dry 90-degree day. There was a lot of planning that went into having the golf tournament and a lot of work the day of the tournament. We had 18 volunteers help the 110 golfers have a great day of golf, learn about the CWO ministries at the country holes and raise funds for ministry. I was able to be at the CWO hole where I could greet the golfers and talk about CWO.

One other question that I have been asked a lot this year is, “Have you done any traveling?” I have not traveled as I have in the past with teams since COVID. The situations in Burkina and Haiti do not make it safe to travel with teams. That does not mean I do not have the opportunity to invest in people going to serve on short term teams. I had the opportunity this week to speak with a team going to Costa Rica from our church and I am also to speak at a commissioning service for a team going to Thailand being led by a friend and CWO board member. I am thankful for these opportunities.

Thank you for supporting us as we serve those leading ministry.

Serving Together,


  • Pray for Joel and Marie as they travel to Haiti.
  • Pray for Rajeeve and Jennifer as they deal with Micah’s medical issues.
  • Pray that God will protect those serving in Burkina Faso, Haiti, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

  • Praise God for the opportunity to serve the CWO ministry leaders.
  • Praise God for supplying funds to help with staff medical costs.
  • Praise God for opportunities to speak with those going to serve on short-term mission trips.
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