We want to ask you to commit to do something over the next 30 days and beyond. Would you please pray for those serving with the CWO ministries in Burkina Faso, Haiti, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and here in the US?
We currently have more than 50 staff and over 50 volunteers participating in the CWO ministries. They are serving in all different capacities but all making a difference in people’s lives as they serve. Here are some things to pray about as you lift up these Godly servants.

1.       Pray for their own spiritual growth and spiritual protection. Pray that they take time to for spiritual renewal and growth by taking time each day to be alone with God. Pray that they will connect with other believers weekly to encourage them and challenge the in their faith.
2.      Pray their families will have strong relationships. Pray that husbands and wives will take time for their relationship and grow closer together. Pray for the parents to lead their children in the way they should go.
3.      Pray for good physical health and when medical care is needed it will be provided.
4.     Pray for clear vision for ministry. Pray that they will seek God’s guidance as they plan. Pray that they will be sensitive to the Holly Spirit’s leading as they plan. Pray that the great need they see around them would cloud the vision God gives and they would focus on the work at hand.
5.      Pray that through meeting the physical and social needs of those they minister to opportunities will open up to share the Gospel. Pray for the salvation of those ministered to through each program.
6.     Pray for unity of the ministry staff and volunteers. Pray that Satan will not be allowed to cause arguments, discord and other issues which would hinder ministry.
7.      Pray for safe travels as they go and do ministry in city traffic and on dirt country roads. Pray that their vehicles will work well and when mechanical issues arise, they will be able to get them repaired quickly and inexpensively.

8.     Pray for prayer partners who will consistently lift them up in prayer. Pray that these prayer partners will keep in touch with those serving, letting them know they are being prayed for and asking for prayer requests.
9.     Pray they will find the physical items needed for ministry. Pray they will find others locally that will want to invest in the ministry by helping with printing needs, books, facilities, food and even volunteering their time.
10.  Pray God will provide the financial supporters so they do not need to worry about the financial needs of the ministry. Pray that God would bless those who desire to support the ministry. Pray that they will patiently wait for God’s provision.
Thank you for making this commitment to pray for those we work with and serve. We are including an insert with information about those serving in Burkina Faso, Haiti, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Thank you for praying for us as we continue to serve with CWO.

Serving Together,

Greg and Laura