As we have been going through Galatians, our pastor said in a message, “Gospel ministry means being prepared to suffer, to be rejected and to care.” These words rang true as I was preparing to write this month’s letter about the ministry leaders and staff we have the privilege to know and work with at Christian World Outreach (CWO). These people serve knowing that ministry is not always going to happen as planned or even be easy, as they deal with circumstances that they have no control over. Yet, they continue meeting people’s needs creating opportunities to share the Gospel with those God puts in their path.

Since we lived in Haiti for several years, we can definitely relate to the leaders and what they go through as they do Gospel ministry. Greg and our sons had malaria, we both had dengue fever and of course all of us suffered some stomach issues over the years. We suffered the loss of family and friends whose funerals we were unable to attend. The Gospel we shared was sometimes rejected by those we ministered to. We had to be ready to care for not just those involved in the CWO ministries but also those who lived in our neighborhood and those we met on the street.