Yoder Update - March 2023

We recently went to hear a report from a young lady who has been serving on some of the islands in the continent of Oceania. We have known her for a long time and have kept updated on her serving since she left Colorado when she was 19. What stood out to us when she was sharing about her time serving was that she had the courage to share how it affected her mentally. This is something that is rarely talked about by those sharing about their missionary experiences. We believe that it is most likely because missionaries feel that if they share personal difficulties, they will lose financial support or that people will look poorly on their ability to serve.

Having served in Haiti we know that there are difficult times those in other countries have while serving in ministry. This is why we would ask you to pray for those serving in the Christian World Outreach (CWO) ministries in Haiti, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. They all have such a heart for the people around them and want to care for all the needs they see. Many times, we know they put others needs ahead of their own.

Pray for Alassane and Dina as they lead the ministry in Burkina Faso. When communicating with Alassane he often replies, “…by God’s grace everything is well, even if it is getting harder and harder to go out of the capital….” or “Burkina is going through a lot of trials. It is hard to see and not able to help.” Pray for them as they find ways to minister to as many people as they can with the resources, we have available. Pray for the teachers as they care for the young ladies at the Village of Opportunity who are worried about their families back in their home villages. Pray for the safety of those serving with the Mobile Clinic as they travel to the villages meeting physical needs and sharing the Gospel.

Pray for Joel’s and Marie’s safety as they travel in Haiti. Pray for them as they are confronted by the needs around them. Joel recently sent a text stating, “4.9 million people (in Haiti) who are in food insecurity and who need urgent food assistance.” This is one reason the Children’s Feeding Programs in Port-au-Prince and LaJeune are needed. He also communicated that, “Port-au-Prince is fully isolated from the rest of the geographical departments of Haiti. People are forced to leave their homes.” Gang violence is making life difficult. Pray for the leaders of the CWO churches, Feminine Training Center teachers and other staff as they care for themselves and those they are serving

Sometimes those serving deal with their own physical issues as well as the needs of others around them. Pray for Thembi as she prepares for hip surgery which has been delayed a couple times. Pray that the pain will be bearable until surgery can be scheduled. Pray also for Thembi, Jeanette and Solami as they deal with all the tentacles of issues surrounding single moms and their sons. As a new ministry there can be the distraction of so much need and the desire to help everyone in every way possible. Pray that they can stay focused on the things God has for them to do today.

Pray for Rajeeve as he also deals with some health issues and leads the ministry in Sri Lanka. Rajeeve has been mentoring those leading the ministry there, so pray for him as he invests time with Bavan, Sunil and Gayan. Pray for these men as they share the Gospel in a place where Hindu and Buddhists influence are prevalent and can sometimes be a threat to ministry. Also, pray for all four of these men as they are confronted with growing physical needs of those in Sri Lanka due to government issues over the past year.

Pray for Onias and Winnie as they continue to meet the needs of church leaders and pastors and the children in the Our Kids (OK) Program. As Onias travels to the leadership training seminars he always hears of the needs the pastors and lay leaders have as well as those they serve in their churches. Although they have been addressing the issue of substance abuse with the children in the OK Program the government is now asking that NGO’s like CWO help deal with this issue. Pray for the children and those working with them as they address substance abuse at camps and other times with the children. Pray that God will protect the children we work with from the temptation to escape the poverty and difficult life they live by using drugs and alcohol.

Please pray for those serving in Burkina Faso, Haiti, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Pray that they will take care of themselves so that they can care for those God has us serving. Pray for that God will supply for them and their families. Pray for God’s wisdom in making decisions about programs and ministries. Pray for us as we serve these leaders and care for them.

We very much appreciate your prayers and financial support as we serve with CWO. On the National Day of Prayer May 4, we would ask you to set aside time to pray for all of us who are serving with the CWO ministries. More details about this will be coming soon.


Serving Together,

Greg and Laura

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