Yoder Update - March 2024

The first question that we have been asked lately is, “How are things in Haiti?” Our response is, “Not good!” We are then asked is, “What can be done?” That is a question we do not have an answer for and is out of our hands. We are praying that somehow God would intervene bringing peace and order to the chaotic situation in Haiti.

We have read that Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier, a former police officer and the leader of the G9 gang alliance, said, “Once again, the population is not our enemy, the armed groups are not your enemy.” The general population may not be their enemy, yet the general population is being hurt the most by all that is going on in the battle to gain control of the country. As some people are able to leave Port-au-Prince to take refuge in the countryside this puts a strain on these areas much like it did during the 2010 earthquake. Increased population on small towns and villages cause more demand for food and other resources.

Our concern is for the Christian World Outreach (CWO) staff and those we minister to along with everyone in dangers way. When communicating with Pastor Joel he has shared some of what has been happening with those we know.

Due to the gang violence, Suze, Joel’s niece, a Feminine Training Center (FTC) teacher, and her cousins, Sandra and Richardson, had to leave Suze’s home just outside of Port-au-Prince in Côtes des Arcadins because of the gang violence. Sandra is a graduate of the FTC and Richardson is assisting with work at the LaJeune FTC. They were not able to pack all their belongings and left with just their Bibles and song books to seek refuge in the northern part of Haiti. It took them two days to travel to LaJeune. Their home has been seized and inhabited by gang members.

Widelene Aguste, who is Marie’s righthand person at the FTC, was forced to abandon her home with her disabled husband and three children. Her husband had a stroke several years ago. The threat of gunshots resounding in their ears day and night were unbearable and traumatic for her husband and their children.

We are hearing from all of the Port-au-Prince FTC teachers and staff telling of their sad stories of being displaced. Johanne Edouard, a FTC cosmetology teacher, had to leave her home. Viergemene Joseph and her husband had to leave their home in Carrefour Shada which has taken them years to save and work hard to build. Barbara, a FTC cosmetology teacher was force by armed men to leave her home.  

Sergo Royal, who does a lot of the CWO administrative and security work, and his family had to leave their house that was built by a CWO team after the 2010 earthquake. They fled quickly leaving all of their belongings in their house which is now occupied by gang members. His wife and his children are in Mirebalais while he stays in Port-au-Prince at the CWO headquarters. Life for them is difficult while they are separated.

Pastor Joel just let us know that one of the ladies who attends the church he helps to lead was killed. She and another lady were on their way to Presse Évangélique a Christian printing and book store in Petionville an area south of Port-au-Prince.

Needless to say, there are a growing number of other physical needs due to the violence in the streets. Banks, medical facilities, schools, stores and market places are closed. People are going hungry as they cannot purchase the daily food as they normally do.

“Are you able to help those you work with there?” This another question we are being asked. The answer is we are working with Pastor Joel to determine the best and safest way we can help our staff during this time of turmoil. We do not wish to put anyone in more danger by sending funds to be distributed to those in need. If you would like to help the CWO staff and those we minister to, you can go to cwomissions.org and click on Donate. There you will be able to choose Haiti and Relief.

Thank you for praying for us and giving financially so we can minister to those in Haiti during these troubled times.

Serving Together,

Greg and Laura

  • Wisdom in how we can help those in Haiti effectively and safely.
  • Ways to get relief to those in need.
  • Those who have been displace because of the violence in Port-au-Prince.
  • Peace to come to Haiti.
  • Keeping the CWO staff safe so far.
  • The Haiti relief funds that have been received.
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