Yoder Update - October 2022

On November 3, we will be celebrating our ministry leaders at the CWO annual banquet this year. Even though we are highlighting the leaders we also celebrate those who serve with them in the different ministries. They are all an amazing group of people who continue to serve despite challenges and setbacks they face. Sometimes the challenges are life threatening. The good news is that we hear how God is changing lives and His ministry is not being hindered but producing fruit.

We received a message from Pastor Joel St Amour, the National Director of the Haiti ministry, that confirmed how dangerous it is getting to travel anywhere in Haiti. Pastor Icher, who oversees three of the CWO partner churches, was traveling home from visiting the church in Vallieres when he was met by a group of armed men. They ordered him off the CWO motorcycle and rode away with it. We praise God that these men did not harm Pastor Icher. We can replace a motorcycle but would suffer a great loss if harm would have come to Pastor Icher.

The fruit from the CWO partner churches can be illustrated from the news we heard from Pastor Joel about Catherine Auguste. Catherine’s grandfather is a voodoo priest and her father, mother, two brothers and sister all follow his leading. Catherine became a Christian and has remained steadfast in her faith despite opposition from her family. This is partly due to the support and discipleship she received from the CWO partner church in LaVictoire. She was baptized this summer by Pastor Elino.

When recently getting an update about the ministry in Sri Lanka, Rajeeve shared about some opposition to the CWO ministry there. Sunil, who ministers in the southern part of Sri Lanka, has a church in his home, works with children, disciples youth and is training leaders. Just recently he was approached by a Buddhist monk who threatened him saying he needed to stop all activities. We have heard of others being threaten with violence by monks if they continue evangelizing and we hear of some actually being assaulted. This is why we pray for the safety of our staff there.

The children that Sunil ministers to in Sri Lanka attend tutoring after school that CWO offers. We are providing this service to help the poor children who cannot afford to pay for tutoring and it give us the opportunity to pray with them and to share the Gospel. It also gives us the opportunity to build relationships with the parents so that we can share the Gospel with them. Rajeeve shared that the parents of one of the children who has been attending the tutoring classes in the village of Mawarala accepted Christ. Now follow up is being done to disciple this couple so they grow strong in their faith. We praise God for hearing of the fruit from this ministry despite these threats.

We thank God for changing lives and giving hope in a sometimes-chaotic world. We pray that we can stay focused on and not be distracted from the mission of sharing the Gospel to a hurting world.

Thank you for your prayers and for your financial support as we continue the work God has given us to do.

Serving Together,

Greg and Laura

Praise the Lord:

  • Praise God that no harm came to Pastor Icher during his recent travels.
  • Praise God for those who have come to faith in Christ.

Pray for:

  • Pray for the safety of all those working in CWO ministries.
  • Pray for that those who have put their faith in Christ will grow in their faith.
  • Pray God will provide more staff to share the Gospel.

For those of you in the Grand Rapids area, Greg will be at Remembrance Church November 10 from 6:30am – 8:30am with

Joel and Marie, leaders of the Haiti ministries, and Alassane Compoare, the administrator for the Burkina Faso ministries. 

If you plan to attend, please message Greg at gyoder@cwomissions.org or text 303-359-7334. Hope to see you there.

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