Yoder Update - September 2022

The Village of Opportunity teachers and staff have been preparing for the young ladies to come to the VOO to start the 2022-2023 school year. They have been doing some much-needed repairs on the dormitory so the ladies have a nice place to rest and sleep between their classes. The teachers had their planning sessions and are ready for the returning and new students. The second-year cosmetology students and the third year sewing students have returned to get an early start to their final year. The other students will begin on October 2.

We did receive some sad news about our cosmetology teacher Traoré Sinaly. After attending a recent staff meeting, he was taken to the hospital because of stomach pain. Unfortunately, he passed away. He will be greatly missed by the other teachers and the returning cosmetology students. He will be replaced by his assistant Elizabeth.

The three Feminine Training Centers (FTC) in Haiti are preparing for the new school year as well. Despite the difficulties in the country the ladies have a desire to attend classes in sewing, cosmetology and cooking and baking. The FTC in Port-au-Prince has been affected most by gang violence and demonstrations which disrupt having classes on a regular basis.

Marie was able to hold a two-day seminar on cake decorating at the LeJeune FTC this summer, preparing the ladies for graduation at the end of this school year. We have been raising funds and began the repairs on the small building that will be used for cooking and baking classes there. Also, we are hoping to have the funds to purchase a generator to be used for this FTC.

The children we feed in Haiti will also soon be starting school. Providing the meals for these children will help them do better in school as they receive the nutritious meals three times a week. Felisme Marthe Stelencia , one of the girls who comes to the feeding program said, “After school, I come here on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to learn God’s Word, to pray, to play and to eat. I love the food and I thank CWO for it. Please continue to feed us. ” We are glad we can help these children grow physically and spiritually.

We are also continuing the tutoring and feeding the children in Sri Lanka as things continue to be economically difficult there. The tutoring we offer has been helpful since the school system in the village is not very good. We trust that the tutoring sessions will help them and that the food they receive will help them stay healthy. 

Zimbabwe also has been struggling economically with the inflation rate being report at 270%. The assistance we give the vulnerable children through the Our Kids Program is much needed as care givers struggle to take care of these children and pay for their school tuition. Kaswa is one of the children we have assisted through the OK Program. She said, “When my father died life was not easy. We would go for days without a decent meal. I would be sent home from school due to unpaid school fees. But I was so happy when I was informed that CWO would assist paying my school fees. Since I joined the program, my life has changed. I now have hope.”

We are grateful that we can assisted in the education of all levels of learning for those who are seeking ways for a better life. More importantly, as we assist people in these ways, we have been given the opportunity to share the Gospel in chapels, while serving food and other times during our contact with those we serve.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support as we continue to do the work God has given us.

Serving Together,

Greg and Laura


  • For the teachers and staff at the VOO and the FTCs.
  • For the funds received to repair the VOO dorm.
  • For the opportunities we have to share the Gospel with those we serve.


  • Safety of the staff and students in all the place where we minister.
  • Traoré Sinaly’s family as they mourn the loss of their husband and father.
  • The CWO board as we begin to start planning for 2023.
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