Yoder Update - September 2023

If you search the Internet for ways to pray for people serving the Lord, there are lots of lists. The one thing that most of these lists leave out and that is to pray for the health of those serving the Lord. This seems to be the prayer needed over the last couple of months for the CWO leaders and their families who are serving in Burkina Faso, Haiti, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.  

Alassane Compoare, the Administrator over the ministries in Burkina Faso, has been struggling with several health issues. He is being treated for malaria which is a major issue in Burkina. Burkina is one of the top ten countries with the highest number of malaria cases and deaths. There is usually an upsurge of cases between June and October which is linked to the rainy season. Please pray for Alassane as he is treated and recuperates.

Joel St Amour is the National Director of the ministries in Haiti. After a recent trip to Haiti, he suffered from some swelling and pain in his right foot. He did not have any cuts, bruises or broken bones and doctors were not able to determine the cause of the swelling or pain. After taking some antibiotics and resting for a few days the swelling went down and he had relief from the pain.  

Thembi Myeni is one of the Co-founders of the Single Moms Raising Sons ministry in South Africa. Several months ago, she underwent surgery for a hip replacement. We praise God that she was able to have surgery done because she is now free from the constant pain she was in.  

Rajeev Sathianathan leads the CWO ministry in Sri Lanka. His son Micah, who is nine years old, is currently receiving radiation treatments for cancer. In June, Micah underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. The surgery was successful and the tumor was removed. Tests determined that this was a very aggressive cancer so Micah has been undergoing the radiation treatments. He has about 10 more treatments and then he will have a time for his body to recover before receiving chemo treatments. Pray for Rajeeve and Jennifer as they care for Micah and also care for their other children.  

Onias Tapera is the Director of ministries in Zimbabwe. He has been dealing with some health issues for a while and received treatment in the past. Recently the symptoms worsened to the point he needed surgery. Onias found that the best and least expensive surgery would be in India so he traveled there. He is recovering well and waiting for the doctor’s release so he can travel home soon.

CWO has been able to assist CWO leaders with some medical costs since they do not all have any type of insurance and we want to care for them in this way. If you would like to help replenish the CWO Medical Fund you can go to CWO website at cwomissions.org and click on Donate. Choose CWO and then CWO Staff Medical Fund.

On a personal note, our daughter Rachael broke her leg. The break was bad enough she had to have surgery and will not be able to put weight on it for three months. She is recovering well but still has not been able to go back to work. She has a couple months before physical therapy will begin and she can walk on that leg.

Thank you for praying for us and our family and for those we work with.


Serving Together,

Greg and Laura

  • God to protect the CWO leaders and staff as they serve in places where they can suffer from diseases like malaria, dengue fever and similar diseases.
  • Alassane as he continues to seek treatment for other health issues.
  • Joel as he continues to gain strength back.
  • Micah as he finishes his radiation treatments. Also, pray that his body will heal during the time of recovery before chemo treatments begin.
  • Onais as he recovers for surgery and that he will be able to return home soon.
  • Rachael as she recovers and that physical therapy will go well.
  • That Allassane has received treatment for malaria.
  • That Joel has recovered from his foot pain and swelling.
  • That Micah is able to receive the treatment needed for his cancer.
  • That Thembi successful hip surgery and is pain free.
  • That Onais was able to have the surgery he needed and is recovering well.
  • For the funds received to assist leaders and staff with their medical expenses.

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