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A Note from the Executive Director
Each May, we observe Wildfire Preparedness Month and encourage communities to prepare for wildfires through a range of activities, including building defensible space. During the current coronavirus pandemic, when emergency responders are both indispensable and overstretched, Wildfire Preparedness Month and its call to individual and community-based action is more necessary than ever.

Fire management agencies are operating in an unprecedented environment and facing new challenges everyday; challenges such as undertaking trainings virtually, adapting firefighter food supply models, and increasing use of strategically positioned aviation resources . We are all learning quickly, and one glimmer of hope in this midst of trial is that the lessons learned this year on have the potential to improve our collective fire response for years to come. By working together, this month and beyond, we can reach the goal of fire-adapted, resilient landscapes that also protect public safety throughout the west.

Laura Schweitzer, Executive Director

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Member Updates

USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station: Richard Barhydt accepted the position of station director for the Pacific Southwest Research Station. Valerie Hipkins, who had been serving as acting station director, is returning to her role as assistant station director.

USDA Forest Service Washington Office:
Kathryn O'Connor accepted the position of acting Associate Deputy Chief for State and Private Forestry in the Washington Office, effective May 11. She replaces Steven Koehn, who served in the position since March.

Shawna Legarza will retire from federal service as Director of Fire and Aviation Management, effective June 30.

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Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives - Hawai‘i Feature

In coordination with the Western Urban & Community Forestry (WUCF) Network, guest posts are featured on the WFLC website that highlight stories tying together human and tree health. The posts are provided by members of the WUCF network and are shared on social media with the hashtag #HealthyTreesHealthyLives.

E ‘imi ke ola ma waho is a blog post by the State of Hawai‘i Division of Forestry and Wildlife available on the WFLC website. Read the post to learn more about how trees support human health in Hawai‘i through practices inspired by Japanese forest bathing!
Foster Botanic Garden
Photo Credit: Blue Zones Hawai‘i
Meet a Forester
This month we are pleased to feature North Dakota State Forester, Tom Claeys.

We invite you to meet Tom !
Policy Update
Congress passed another COVID-19 pandemic response package designed as interim emergency funding. The House subsequently passed a $3 trillion dollar relief and stimulus package that has not been picked up by the Senate. In the meantime, Representatives have been developing requests they wish to see in future economic stimulus proposals. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) introduced the “21st Century Conservation Corps for Our Health and Our Jobs Act” in the upper chamber to attempt to address the economic fallout, as well as support wildfire prevention and preparedness. Adjusting fire response protocols and developing helpful tools to minimize risk to firefighters continues to evolve, with The National Multi-Agency Coordinating Group’s (NMAC) Wildland Fire Response Area Command Teams (ACTs) wrapping up their work on regional best management practices this month.
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