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A New Year's Note from the Executive Director

Happy New Year to our forestry community. Like so many, we here at CWSF and WFLC have been attempting our best crystal ball reading of what 2021 will bring. A year of continued transition, no doubt, as we continue to adapt to and address challenges associated with COVID-19. This means, for instance, continuing to meet in virtual space for a while longer – even as we look forward to times to come when coming together in person will once again be viable. This also means continuing to hone our collective abilities to forward the important issues we work on, no matter what challenges confront us. 
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Member and Partner Updates

Jaelith Hall-Rivera is now in the position of Acting Deputy Chief for State and Private Forestry. Hall-Rivera was previously the Associate Deputy Chief. She temporarily replaces John Phipps, who retired January 2.

Lon Yeary is the Acting Director for Northern Research Station and the Forest Products Laboratory. He replaces Tony Ferguson, who retired December 18.

Tammy Angel has accepted the position of Acting Regional Forester for the Rocky Mountain Region, effective from January 24. She was previously the Deputy Regional Forester for the Rocky Mountain Region. She replaces Tricia O’Connor, who had acted in the position since October 2020.

Mark Lichtenstein serves as Acting Associate Deputy Chief for State and Private Forestry, effective since January 18.

Mary Farnsworth is Acting Regional Forester for the Forest Service Intermountain Region. Frank Beum had been in this acting role since April 2020, and he will return to his role as the Deputy Regional Forester for the Forest Service Southern Region in Atlanta, Georgia.

Robert Bonnie was named Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Senior Advisor, Climate, in the Office of the Secretary.

Chris French is Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment. Jim Hubbard concluded his role as Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment in mid-January.
Meet a Forester: WFLC Co-Leads
This month, we are pleased to feature Western Forestry Leadership Coalition co-leads Sonya Germann (Montana State Forester) and Dave Schmid (Regional Forester with the USDA Forest Service Alaska Region).
Policy Update
After negotiations continued through a series of Continuing Resolution (CR) deadlines, Congress was able to come to agreement and pass appropriations for fiscal year (FY) 2021. The omnibus bill was signed by the President just before the new year. Since the last newsletter policy update, CWSF, as part of the NASF Policy Team, has contributed to the submission of comments for the Landscape Scale Restoration (LSR) proposed directive and the proposed guidance from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) defining non-industrial private forestland (NIPF). 
Shared Priorities: The Purpose of Forest Action Plans
Western forests cover approximately 365 million acres and account for 49% of the nation’s total forested land. This massive area is managed by a diverse set of stakeholders, including state, private, and federal owners. To effectively manage the land first requires the identification of shared priorities. In 2008, Congress recognized this need by tasking states and territories with the assessment of forest conditions within their boundaries, regardless of ownership, and the development of strategies to conserve working forest landscapes, protect forests from harm, and enhance public benefits from trees and forests.
News and Notes from Our Members and Partners
WGA National Forest and Rangeland Management Resolution 
At the Western Governors’ Association (WGA) Winter 2020 Meeting, WGA renewed its Policy Resolution 2021-03, National Forest and Rangeland Management (NFRM). This renewal updates and builds on the previous NFRM resolution passed in 2017 and incorporates WGA public lands grazing recommendations.
The resolution outlines WGA’s policy positions and goals pertaining to western national forest and rangeland management and provides direction to WGA staff to engage in national policy deliberations. 
Among other items, the resolution mentions support for USDA Forest Service State Fire Assistance and Volunteer Fire Assistance programs, provides continued emphasis on the importance of the Shared Stewardship Strategy and shared state/federal priority setting, addresses the critical importance of a thriving wood-based product markets, and encourages expanding the use of available active forest management authorities.
Wildfire Community Preparedness Day 2021
The threat of wildfire is becoming increasingly prevalent and dangerous, posing greater risks to people and property than ever before. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and State Farm are hosting the eighth annual Wildfire Community Preparedness Day event on Saturday, May 1, 2021.
Financial support once again enables NFPA to provide 150 applicants from across the country with $500 awards to complete a wildfire risk reduction project. Project applications can be submitted through February 26, 2021. Apply for an award.
For more information about Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, funding awards, project ideas, and free resources to download, please visit
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