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Arbor Day in the Pacific Islands - A Note from the Executive Director

There are few times in the memories of those living where hope has been more greatly needed. As we near this year’s close, I find myself seeking out the bright spots - those things promising better times to come.

Top on that list are natural places and forests. In them, we find tranquility and relief for daily cares. Wonder at the subtle glamour and perseverance of leafy plants and gentle giants serves to shore up our sense of connectedness in the world. Peace comes with the recollection that trees and forests perish again and again, yet also regrow and return in a life-affirming cycle. 

October and November mark the timeframe in which several Pacific Islands celebrate Arbor Day (October 1 in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, October 13 in Guam, and November 6 in Hawai‘i, to name a few). This holiday honoring trees is one that countries around the world, and every state in the U.S., celebrate throughout the year. These festivities centered around appreciation for trees demonstrate our global commitment to shaping a joyful and thriving present and future. For in the words of people in Guam, “Adahi i tano' sa' ayu muna'lå'la' i taotao” (Take care of the land because that's what allows people to live).

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Member and USDA Forest Service Updates

Jennifer Eberlien has accepted the position of Associate Deputy Chief for National Forest System in Washington, D.C., effective Oct. 13. Eberlien previously served as Acting Regional Forester for the Rocky Mountain Region.

Patricia O'Connor will serve as Acting Regional Forester for the Rocky Mountain Region effective Oct. 19. O'Connor was forest supervisor for the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Intermountain Region.
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Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives - Idaho Feature

In coordination with the Western Forestry Leadership Coalition (WFLC) Western Urban & Community Forestry (WUCF) Network, guest posts are featured on the WFLC website that tie together human and tree health. The posts are provided by members of the WUCF network and are shared on social media with the hashtag #HealthyTreesHealthyLives.

Boise, Idaho's City of Trees Challenge Builds a Healthier and More Resilient Future introduces a campaign to plant one tree for every household and one seedling for every resident in the city of Boise. Read the post to learn more about the challenge and its ties to local and global initiatives!
TV Canopy Network, TNC-Idaho and city staff (from Parks and Recreation, Public Works, and the Climate Division) joined Mayor McLean and CoTC Visionary, Council President Clegg to distribute 500 large-caliper trees through the Boise Farmers Market to residents across the city throughout the month of October.
Photo Credit: City of Boise and Guy Hand
Meet a Forester
This month, we are pleased to feature Christine Camacho Fejeran, Forestry Division Chief, Forestry and Soil Resources Division, Guam Department of Agriculture.

We invite you to meet Christine!
Policy Update
The Continuing Resolution (CR) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 was passed by Congress just in time to avoid a lapse in government funding. This CR included language authorizing the implementation of the new budget structure for the USDA Forest Service (Forest Service). Disagreements over additional coronavirus relief packages continue, leading to uncertainty over the status of future aid for state budget shortfalls caused by the pandemic. 
Beyond Timber: The Future of Forest Products

Last week was National Forest Products Week and Wednesday was National Bioenergy Day. While forest products had a brief moment in the sun earlier in the pandemic, back when toilet paper was flying from supermarket shelves across the country in preparation for lockdowns, it is all too often unclear to the general public what forest products actually are and what role they play in meeting the nation’s economic, environmental, and energy needs. So what is this industry that employs almost a million people and adds nearly $300 billion annually to GDP in the United States?

News and Notes from Our Members and Partners
Climate and Health Action Guide

In collaboration with American Forests, the USDA Forest Service released the new Climate and Health Action Guide developed for Vibrant Cities Lab. This builds on the NIACS adaptation workbook, incorporating human health and carbon mitigation concepts for urban forests. See the guide here.
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