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Organizational Highlights
2020 CWSF / WFLC Fall Meeting

The 2020 CWSF / WFLC Fall Meeting will take place virtually November 17 - 18. Please visit the event page for more information as it becomes available.
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New Date for FY 2021 WUI Grant Applications

The deadline for submission of Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) grant applications to the online portal is now October 30. Please contact Danielle Okst if you have any questions. Visit the webpage for more information on WUI grants.
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2020 - 2021 CWSF Executive Committee and WFLC Executive Board

The CWSF Executive Committee and WFLC Executive Board transition occurred following the National Association of State Foresters’ Annual Meeting. The new CWSF Executive Committee includes Chair Sonya Germann, Incoming Chair Tom Claeys, Secretary / Treasurer Peter Daugherty, and Immediate Past Chair Brian Cottam.

The new WFLC Executive Board includes David Schmid as USDA Forest Service Co-Lead, Glen Casamassa as Incoming Co-Lead, Monica Lear as Research Station Director Member, and Cliff Dils as S&PF Director Member. The WFLC Executive Board also includes the members of the CWSF Executive Committee.

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Member and USDA Forest Service Updates

Debbie Hollen accepted the position of deputy regional forester for the Pacific Northwest Region.

John Crockett accepted the position of acting Associate Deputy Chief for State and Private Forestry in Washington, D.C..
Meet a Forester
This month we are pleased to feature Tony Ferguson, Lab and Station Director of the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Lab and Northern Research Station.

We invite you to meet Tony!
Policy Update
Multiple bills concerning wildfire and mitigation have been introduced or discussed during legislative hearings this month due to heightened awareness around the issue as western states continue to face an increasingly challenging fire year. Modernization of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to facilitate greater efficiency in forest management activities has also been a topic of discussion, and the House has passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) which will now move to the Senate in order to halt a partial government shutdown as the end of Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 approaches. The Council for Environmental Quality’s (CEQ) National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) modernization rules overcame one of their legal hurdles this month and went forward with implementation. Two more western states have finalized shared stewardship agreements, formalizing commitments to work collaboratively across landscapes to improve the nation’s forests.
Wildfire in the West: What Does It Really Cost?

As wildfires rage across the west for another year, and the word “unprecedented” seems to lose its meaning, now is the time to pause and consider what the cost of all this is.

The true cost of wildfire exceeds the numbers in budgets and on paper, it goes beyond the prices of engines, equipment, and firefighting crews. The true cost includes the damage to individuals, ecosystems, and communities. These costs may begin accruing when a fire starts, but they continue far beyond containment. While the economic costs of wildfire, now measured in the billions of dollars, are often used to demonstrate the severity of wildfires in the west, it is worth also considering the human costs as western forestry leaders tackle one of today’s most important questions: where do we go from here?

Read more on the blog.
News and Notes from Our Members and Partners
Fire Protection Research Foundation Project - Female Firefighter PPE Survey

Despite the growing number of women firefighters in the fire protection community, structural and wildland firefighting turnout suits are still primarily developed for men. Studies have shown that women firefighters are at a higher risk of injury and fatality due to ill-fitting personal protective equipment. To address this issue, research is being done in collaboration with the Fire Protection Research Foundation. As part of this research, there is an opportunity to participate in a nationwide survey to provide feedback on the current design and functionality of female firefighter personal protective clothing.
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2020 Event Calendar
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