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March is always one of the most exciting times for us here at Temkin Group as it’s the month we publish our annual  Temkin Experience Ratings – one of the largest customer experience benchmarks in the industry. The Ratings are now in their eighth year, and this year, we evaluated the customer experience of 318 companies across 20 industries.

A big “congratulations” goes to  Wegmans  for earning the top overall spot! You can see more details about these Ratings below, and as always, you can download this report for free.

Last month, we also published our annual report on  The State of the CX Profession . This study examines the sentiment, activities, and compensation levels of more than 200 CX professionals. If you are a member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association ( ), this report is free for you to download.

Are you looking to sharpen some of your CX skills? Join us at one of our   open enrollment workshops We just announced our workshop schedule through the end of this year:
> May 2 & 3 in DC: Engaging Employees in a Customer-Centric Culture
> June 26 & 27 in Boston: Customer Journey Mapping
> July 25 & 26 in Boston: Driving CX Transformation
> September 25 & 26 in San Diego: Customer Journey Mapping
> November 7 & 8 in Boston: Driving CX Transformation
> December 11 & 12 in Miami: Customer Journey Mapping

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2018 Temkin Experience Ratings
The  Temkin Experience Ratings , now in its eighth year, is based on a survey of 10,000 U.S. consumers who evaluate their experience with companies across three dimensions:  success, effort, and emotion.

This year, we evaluated 318 companies across 20 industries. Wegmans, H-E-B, Citizens Bank, credit unions, Publix, and Subway earned the highest overall scores, while CarMax, Spirit Airlines, Optimum, Medicaid, and Comcast received the lowest.

Three companies improved their ratings by 10 or more percentage-points in the last year: Airbnb, MetroPCS, and Avis. However, CarMax and HSBC moved in the opposite direction as each saw their score decline by at least 10 points.

Have questions about this benchmark? You can find out more about these Ratings during a free webinar on April 17 at 1:00 ET.
Infographic: Humanize Customer Experience

As you hopefully know by now, Temkin Group has labeled 2018, “ The Year of Humanity   .” To help organizations create experiences that better address the needs of people, we just published a new infographic,  Humanize Customer Experience . This infographic identifies the six fundamental characteristics of human beings— Hopeful Intuitive Self-Centered Emotional Motivated , and  Social —that you need to keep in mind when you think about both your customers and your employees.

In addition to these key characteristics, the infographic also shows the three principles of Humanize CX Act with Purpose Cultivate Deep Empathy , and  Create Positive Memories .
Other Recent Content
Here are some recent posts on Customer Experience Matters ® blog:
We recently asked nearly 2,000 hospital patients about their experiences. We dug into two main areas: patient emotions and likelihood of recommending the hospital, measured by Net Promoter® Score (NPS).
We asked more than 5,000 U.S. employees to identify what they felt was the top priority for their senior executives. We also asked them about the effort they put into their work and the financial performance of their organization.
April 9 - 11 : Aimee Lucas will speak in DC : Smart Customer Service Conference
April 11 : Bruce Temkin will speak on a Mattersight webinar :   Five ways to Convert Untapped Data into Predictive Metrics
April 11 Bruce Temkin will lead a session in Chicago (CXPA): Humanizing Customer Experience
April 17 : Temkin Group webinar : 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings: Overview
April 23 & 24 : Jen Rodstom will speak in Toronto Customer Experience Summit
May 1 Bruce Temkin will lead a session in Seattle (CXPA): Humanizing Customer Experience
May 2 Bruce Temkin will lead a session in Portland (CXPA): Humanizing Customer Experience
May 2 & 3 Temkin Group workshop in  DC : Engaging Employees in a Customer-Centric Culture
May 8 & 9 Temkin Group will be participating in New Orleans : CXPA Insight Exchange
May 15 & 16 : Bruce Temkin will speak in Long Beach, CA : Medallia's Experience 2018
June 7 : Aimee Lucas will speak in Chicago : North American Employee Engagement Conference and Awards
June 26 & 27 Temkin Group workshop in  Boston : Mapping and Improving Your Customers’ Journey
July 25 & 26 : Temkin Group workshop in Boston : Driving CX Transformation
September 25 & 26 : Temkin Group workshop in in San Diego : Mapping and Improving Your Customer's Journey
November 7 & 8 : Temkin Group workshop in in Boston : Driving CX Transformation
December 11 & 12: Temkin Group workshop in in Miami : Mapping and improving Your Customers' Journey
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Temkin Group Research Plans and Updates
We have quite a few exciting new reports underway, including  Customer-Centric Artificial Intelligence Propelling Experience Design Across the Organization, In-Stadium Fan Experiences, and The State of CX Management .

Our team is also looking forward to the CXPA Insight Exchange in New Orleans in May. We're not only sponsors of the event, but we'll also be speaking there. We hope to see you in the Big Easy!

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