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Here at Temkin Group, we spent July trying our best to escape the heat, traveling around the world (both for work and vacations), and publishing some new research:

  • 2018 Temkin Emotion Ratings. Our eighth annual Temkin Emotion Ratings evaluates 318 companies across 20 industries. Of all the companies we looked at, Wegmans and H-E-B earned the highest emotion scores, while Cox Communications and Comcast received the lowest. See a list of all the leaders and laggards below.
  • Employee Engagement Competency & Maturity, 2018. We recently conducted our annual assessment of employee engagement (EE) efforts within large organizations and found that 49% of companies are stuck in the two lowest levels of EE maturity, "Damaging" and "Neglecting." See the full results below.

We also published two new videos:
Companies frequently ask us how they can use Net Promoter® Score (NPS®), one of the most popular CX metrics, more effectively. We believe the first step is helping people across the organization understand the basics of NPS. To help companies share this information, we created a video explaining what NPS is all about and why it may be a valuable metric for some companies .
One of the most important – but often forgotten – elements of customer experience is that it’s all about human beings. Customers are human beings, employees are human beings, and executives are human beings. This video identifies six key characteristics that you should keep in mind as you work with and design for all different types of people.
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2018 Temkin Emotion Ratings

Emotion is not only one of the three components of a customer’s experience (along with success and effort ), it’s also the component that most significantly impacts loyalty, making it a vital aspect of the experience for companies to measure and track. In this post, I examine the eight annual  Temkin Emotion Ratings  for U.S. companies. These Ratings feed into the overall   Temkin Experience Ratings , the open-standard CX metric.

To capture these Ratings , in January 2018, we surveyed 10,000 U.S. consumers about their experiences with 318 companies across 20 industries, and we used that feedback to calculate the  Temkin Emotion Ratings .

Employee Engagement Competency & Maturity, 2018

To understand how companies are engaging their employees, we surveyed 178 large companies about their engagement efforts and compared their responses with similar studies we’ve conducted in previous years. We also asked survey respondents to complete Temkin Group’s  Employee Engagement Competency & Maturity (EECM) Assessment . The EECM Assessment places companies in one of five stages of maturity and evaluates their performance across five employee engagement competencies: Inspire, Inform, Instruct, Incent, and Involve
Our 2018 Infographics (So Far)
We also published this collage which includes the nine infographics that we've published so far this year:
August 7 :  Bruce Temkin will lead a session in Denver (CXPA event):  Humanizing Customer Experience
August 16 :  Bruce Temkin will lead a session in Nashville (CXPA event):  Humanizing Customer Experience
September 20 :  Bruce Temkin will lead a session in Toronto (CXPA event):  Humanizing Customer Experience
September 25 & 26 : Temkin Group workshop in San Diego : Mapping and Improving Your Customer's Journey
October 2 : Temkin Group will be celebrating Customer Experience Day .
November 7 & 8 : Temkin Group workshop in in Boston : Mastering CX Fundamentals
December 11 & 12: Temkin Group workshop in Miami : Mapping and improving Your Customers' Journey
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