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August 2017
Positive Psychology, VoC Trends, Effort, Emotion,
and NPS Benchmarks
Last month, a few Temkin Group team members spent four inspiring days at the  World Congress on Positive Psychology  in Montreal. We believe that the field of positive psychology provides important insights for our work on customer experience. We learned a great deal at the conference, but here are my main takeaways on what positive psychology is all about (and why it's so important to Temkin Group):
  • People have the intrinsic ability to be happy and to flourish.
  • Changes in mindset can improve physical and mental well-being.
  • It makes good business sense to help customers and employees flourish.
  • The world will be a better place if more of its inhabitants flourish.
In addition to exploring the connections between positive psychology and CX, during the last month we also published some new research:
  • Renovating Your Voice of the Customer Program. This report explains how companies will need to update their VoC programs to adapt to these six trends: 1) Deep Empathy, Not Stacks of Metrics; 2) Continuous Insights, Not Periodic Studies; 3) Customer Journeys, Not Isolated Interactions; 4) Useful Prescriptions, Not Past Descriptions; 5) Enterprise Intelligence, Not Customer Feedback; and 6) Mobile First, Not Mobile Responsive (see more below).
  • UK Net Promoter Score Benchmark Study. Nationwide, John Lewis, and Aldi earned the top Net Promoter® Score (NPS®) in our survey of 5,000 UK consumers. NPS ranges from +45 to -39 for the 157 companies we examined.
  • 2017 Temkin Effort Ratings, U.S. & UK. We published the Temkin Effort Ratings for 329 companies across 20 U.S. industries and for 157 companies across 16 UK industries. PublixQVC, and Hardees earned the top scores in the U.S, while Co-opWaitroseLidl, and Marks & Spencer received the highest ratings in the UK.
  • 2017 Temkin Emotion Ratings, U.S. & UK. We published the Temkin Emotion Ratings for 329 companies across 20 U.S. industries and 157 companies across 16 UK industries. Amazon FreshPublix, and H-E-B earned the highest ratings in the U.S. Domino'sCosta Coffee, and M&S Food, meanwhile, came out on top in the UK.
Earlier this year, we introduced the Human Conversational Model in the report,  Humanizing Digital Interactions. As the Human Conversational Model forms the foundation for building compelling interactions with customers, we decided to capture it in this new infographic .

If you're looking to build strong CX skills, think about registering for one of our upcoming in-person workshops.The next workshop is scheduled for August 16th & 17th in Boston: Driving Customer Experience Transformation.
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In Case You Missed It...

Here are some recent research reports:

Renovating Your Voice of the Customer Program

In recent years, VoC efforts have continued to expand and support their organizations; however, going forward they will need to adapt to significant changes in data sources, technology, operational pressures, and consumer behavior. In Renovating Your Voice of the Customer Program, Temkin Group details how companies can propel their VoC programs into the future by adapting to these trends:
Temkin Group Research Plans and Updates

We have quite a few exciting new reports underway, including CX Metrics Best PracticesTech Vendor NPS Benchmark Study,  Onboarding Culture in New Employees,   and Temkin Online Experience Ratings.

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