Your Monthly Guide to Customer Experience Transformation
Happy New Year and welcome to  The Year of Humanity ! Each year Temkin Group chooses a theme that we believe will be important in the upcoming year, and this year we decided to focus on improving how people interact with each other. Take a look at our holiday video,  Let Humanity Glow  (to the tune of "Let it Snow!").
To apply this theme to the CX world, we started the  Humanize CX Movement . This movement – which urges organizations to prioritize people over processes and technologies – is built on three strategies: 1)  Act with Purpose 2)  Cultivate Deep Empathy  and 3)  Create Positive Memories

In addition to launching The Year of Humanity, we also recently published our  annual list of CX trends  and our  Lessons in CX Excellence report, both of which are highlighted below.

And as you roll out your 2018 CX efforts, remember that  Temkin Group is here to help . Stay up to date on key CX trends and best practices with a Research & Advisory Subscription, make your CX efforts more impactful with a strategy review, educate your organization about CX with an in-house workshop or speech, or personally improve your CX skillset at a public workshop. Our first two  public workshops  of the year will be held on  February 27 in London  and on  March 6 & 7 in Miami .

Please join us in making 2018 The Year of Humanity!
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15 CX Trends For 2018
Here is Temkin Group's  list of CX trends for 2018 . If you’d like to display this list on your wall, it's also available as a poster.

  1. Metrics Reexamination
  2. Customer Feedback Pullback
  3. Voice Recognition Momentum
  4. Brand Promise Alignment
  5. Experience Design Orientation
  6. Customer Journey Expansion
  7. Digital Integration
  8. Chatbot Rationalization
  9. Persona Popularization
  10. Analytics Expertise Shortage
  11. Preemptive Problem Resolution
  12. Newly Energized Executives
  13. Customer Experience Dispersion
  14. “People and Culture” Emergence
  15. Empathy & Emotion Dialogue

Report: Lessons in CX Excellence, 2018
Last November we announced the six organizations that won Temkin Group’s 2017 Customer Experience Excellence Award –  AARP Allianz Worldwide Partners Century Support Services Nurse Next Door Home Care Services Reliant , and Sage . In this new report, we:

  • Highlight specific examples of how these companies’ customer experience (CX) efforts have created value for both their customers and for their businesses.
  • Describe winners’ best practices across the four customer experience competencies: purposeful leadership, compelling brand values, employee engagement, and customer connectedness.
  • Include all of the winners’ detailed nomination forms to help you collect examples and ideas you can apply to your own CX efforts.

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Temkin Group Research Plans and Updates
We have quite a few exciting new reports underway, including Consumer Channel Preferences, CX Plans and Priorities for 2018, Customer-Centric Artificial Intelligence, and Tech Vendor Product & Relationship Satisfaction.

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