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June was, once again, a busy month here at Temkin Group. In addition to our normal work activities, we had to say goodbye to a member of our team, Julia Jaffe, who is leaving for graduate school at Cornell University. But we also welcomed a new team member,  Maggie Mead , who joined us as a Research Associate after recently graduating from Wellesley College.

In the midst of these goodbyes and hellos, we also published some new research:

  • The Customer Journeys That Matter The Most. In this report, we examine a variety of journeys that customers take with companies across 19 industries, and we identify which of these journeys are most broken and which drive the most loyalty. See highlights below.
  • 2018 Temkin Effort Ratings. In our eighth annual Effort Ratings, Wegmans earned the highest score and Spirit Airlines earned the lowest out of the 318 companies we evaluated across 20 industries. See a list of the leaders and laggards below.
  • Temkin Customer Success Index (TCSi). TCSi is a measurement system we introduced to help assess how well organizations are treating their B2B clients. The TCSI examines five critical customer promises. See the measurement below.

We also published two new videos and an infographic:
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The Customer Journeys That Matter Most

We asked 10,000 U.S. consumers about their recent journeys with 318 companies across 19 industries and used their answers to identify which customer journeys are most in need of improvement and which journeys correlate most strongly with loyalty. In addition to analyzing journeys by industry, we also looked at how customer responses vary across age groups.

As you can see in the chart, journeys that touch customer service are most frequently cited as needing improvement and also have the most significant impact on customer loyalty.

2018 Temkin Effort Ratings

Effort is one of the  three components of a customer’s experience  (along with success and emotion ), so it’s a fundamental element for companies to track In January 2018, we surveyed 10,000 U.S. consumers about their experiences with companies, and we used that feedback to calculate the   Temkin Effort Ratings  for 318 companies across 20 industries.

As you can see in the chart,  Wegmans  earned the top spot with a score of 90%, followed closely by  Subway CitizensBank Ace Hardware , and  Wawa Food Markets  with 89%.  Spirit Airlines  received the lowest ratings (43%), just slightly behind  Medicaid  (45%) and  CarMax  (46%).
Temkin Customer Success Index (TCSi)

Over the last few years, B2B organizations have started to realize that customers aren’t just buying their products; they’re making purchases with the expectation that they will achieve some value from the provider’s products and services. So to help them deliver this expected value, many B2B companies have recently created customer success organizations that are tasked with ensuring client happiness.

To help companies evaluate these efforts, we’ve created the  Temkin Customer Success Index  (TCSi), which measures how effectively an organization delivers value above and beyond its products and services.

The TCSi is based on asking business clients how well their providers live up to each of the five customer promises, with answers on a seven-point scale (as you can see in the chart).
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November 7 & 8 : Temkin Group workshop in in Boston : Mastering CX Fundamentals
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