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September 2017
Online Ratings, Onboarding New Employees, and Tech Vendor NPS
It's almost time for one of our favorite days of the year - CX Day! Join us on October 3rd as we celebrate CX professionals around the world with webinars, infographics, and discounts on research and our brand new CX Institute!

In addition to planning for CX Day, we also published some new research:
  • 2017 Temkin Online Ratings. USAA, Advantage Rent-A-Car, and eared the top spots out of 282 companies across 20 industries in our seventh annual ratings of online experiences.
  • Infusing Culture Throughout The New Employee Journey. This report shows companies how to use their culture as a focal point during recruiting, hiring, and onboarding and then continue to emphasize it as employees acclimate to their roles. See more details below.
  • 2017 Tech Vendor Net Promoter® Score Benchmark (B2B). For the sixth year in a row, we surveyed 800 IT decision-makers about their relationships with 58 technology vendors. Microsoft, SAS, Google, and VMware earned the highest NPS®, while Accenture, ACS, Autodesk, and Fujitsu received the lowest scores. 
In addition to those reports, we also published two infographics in the last month. The first one on Customer Journey Thinking highlights an extremely valuable tool for organizations to better understand and design experiences for their customers' journeys. The second infographic introduces six levers that CX teams can use to gain support from their senior executives.

If you're looking to build strong CX skills, think about registering for one of our two 
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As we enter the final months of 2017, don't forget to budget for our Temkin Group services to help you improve your company's CX, employee engagement, and more. Let us know if you need information about our 2018 offerings, which include:
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In Case You Missed It...

Here are some recent research reports:
Infusing Culture Throughout The New Employee Journey

A company's culture reflects the attitudes and behaviors of its employees and influences almost every aspect of the employee journey and experience. However, despite its importance, many companies fail to orient new employees to their culture during onboarding. Rather than helping new hires form long-term connections with the organization and its values, companies often use this time to teach new hires about the organization's processes. 

The report Infusing Culture Throughout The New Employee Journey d escribes how companies can infuse culture throughout the four stages of the new hire journey: Establish Cultural Fit, Set Behavioral Expectations, Reinforce Positive Performance, and Prioritize Sustaining Culture.
September 14: Bruce will speak on a Confirmit webinar: Transformation Through Technology and People
September 20
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September 22 : Jen Rodstrom will speak in Cincinnati:  Cincinnati AMA IGNITE

September 26: Temkin Group Webinar: Industry Spotlight: Airlines

September 28: Temkin Group Webinar: Industry Spotlight:  TV and Internet Service Providers

October 3: Temkin Group will be celebrating CX Day

October 10: Temkin Group Webinar: Industry Spotlight: Insurance

October 11: Aimee will speak on an Employee Engagement Alliance webinar:  The Critical Connection Between Employee Engagement and Customer Experience

October 17: Temkin Group Webinar: Industry Spotlight: Wireless Providers

October 23: Temkin Group Webinar: Industry Spotlight: Hotels and Rooms