He did it! Wow, what a ride for R.A. Dickey!


The 38 year old journeyman bounced between the minors and bigs since 1996 with the Texas Rangers. Throwing what some would call a circus pitch was his last option to "make it" in MLB. 


With raw determination, guts, faith and countless hours of practice R.A. perfected that "circus pitch" in to a weapon strong enough to toss 20 wins for our NY Mets in 2012.


After reading his book and learning about the life struggles R.A. has dealt with and overcome, I can't think of a more humble deserving man of such a great honor. Congrats R.A.!


In today's NY Daily News he wrote his own article.  A thank you letter to everyone in his life sharing this "amazin" moment. What an inspirational man.

Check this video out from his 20th win:
Loyal 'til the last out. (The 7 Line Army) Final Mets home game 2012
Loyal 'til the last out. (The 7 Line Army) Final Mets home game 2012

Praying that wasn't the last time we see R.A. pitch for the Mets in Citi Field. If by some unlucky chance his days are over, it was a wild ride I will never forget. Regardless of where his next steps lead him R.A. will ALWAYS be a Met to us.




I was confident enough with him winning this award that I bought the domain CYDICKEY.COM and printed up some of the RACY t-shirts and hoodies before he was even crowned the winner. If you are familiar with the NYHC music scene you will understand this one.


The "CY DICKEY" shirt is a collaboration between us and artist Michael Borkowski. He was the man behind the art for the "Fear The Knuckler" shirt as well, and helped whipped up this version of what we think the updated award should look like. Complete with the "Dickey K Count" from the last game and "20-6". 


Head over to the webstore to pick up one up. A portion of each item sold will be donated to the Kilimanjaro Outreach Program, Bombay Teen Challenge in R.A. Dickey's name! Wear a cool shirt and donate to a charity that is near and dear to R.A.'s heart.


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See you all at Citi Field for Opening Day! Just 137 days away! LGM! 


Darren Meenan
The 7 Line
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