Requesting applications for Iowa Coordinated Services Regions - Homelessness Assistance
The Iowa Finance Authority is  requesting applications for Calendar Year 2019 Iowa Coordinated Services Regions for homelessness assistance in the Iowa Balance
of State Continuum of Care (CoC). 

Approximately $170,000 is available, through the CoC Planning Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It is anticipated that up to 15 new
or renewal awards may be made, depending on the number of qualifying applications received.

Applications are due by Friday, January 25, 2019 . The purpose of the initiative is to continue to develop a regional system of providing homelessness assistance services throughout the 96-county Iowa Balance of State CoC. Specifically, the goals are to:

  1. Increase regional coordination;
  2. Increase Coordinated Entry participation;
  3. Increase participation in data and reporting, including for the annual Point-in-Time Count;
  4. Promote the use of common standards;
  5. Develop a baseline of at least emergency shelter and rapid rehousing services in all regions; and
  6. Support statewide system planning.

There are two separate applications online, one for NEW regions and one for RENEWAL regions .