Tuesday, January 12th, 2021
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CYA Offers 14 Different Youth Sports Annually! 
Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Field Hockey, Tackle and Flag Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track, Volleyball and Wrestling.
CYA Spring Sports - Let's GO!

Now that the Holiday season has passed, it's time to get moving on our Spring Season!  Online Spring Sport Registration is OPEN!! This issue of the CYA Weekly Buzz introduces everyone to all of our Spring Sport offerings. We are updating content on our website as quickly as possible so please be patient if you notice pages that are outdated.. 

 A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all of our Sport Coordinators and their teams of over-achieving volunteers. These folks invest a significant amount of time into our community and without them, none of this would be possible. Thank You! 

Exciting News! Giant Food Community Bag Program!
We are so excited to share that CYA has been selected to be a part of the Giant Food Community Bag Program, which is designed to make it easy for customers to contribute to their local community while supporting the environment.

For the month of January, each time a reusable $2.50 Community Bag is purchased at the Giant Food located in the Greenbrier Shopping Center, $1 will be donated to CYA!

This is a great way to raise awareness, support the environment and fundraise for our cause. Let’s get started! We can begin by spreading the news to our friends and family. Call, send emails, and post on social media. The more people who learn about the program and purchase the Community Bag during the month of January, the more money we will raise.

To learn more about this program, please visit Giantfood.bags4mycause.com
Winter Baseball/Softball Clinics at the Fieldhouse!
The CYA Babe Ruth league is hosting Winter Workout sessions and a Softball Pitching Clinic at the Fieldhouse beginning January 6th! Session size will be limited due to space constraints.

South Lakes HS pitching coach Dave Gould will provide the instruction for the softball pitching clinic. Coach Gould also coached at Catholic University and Chantilly HS. Coach Gould has provided pitching caps/lessons for over 20 years. Coach Gould has over 50 years of experience playing fastpitch softball including experience playing/pitching in National and Regional Championship tournaments. Coach Gould was elected to both the Greater Washington Fastpitch Hall of Fame and the Washington DC Fastpitch Sunday League Hall of Fame.

Coach Gould can be reached at BabeRuth@ChantillyYouth.org.

CYA Wrestling

Coordinator: Jihoon Shin

Session #2 Starts TODAY! Jihoon and his team of wrestling enthusiasts have spent the past few months building out a dedicated wrestling room at the CYA Fieldhouse and that gives us the opportunity to have a year 'round program! Like all programs at the Fieldhouse, we are focused on making sure our athletes are kept safe so cleaning protocols are in place which includes the equipment in the Wrestling Room. CYA Wrestling is the top program in the area... Check it out!

CYA Volleyball

We recently introduced our new Volleyball logo and the positive responses have been overwhelming! Thank you to all who commented.

We have also received many emails from folks who are interested in helping us build the strongest and most exciting Volleyball Program in the area.

If you are a Volleyball enthusiast and would like to help us develop the foundation that will support the growth of Volleyball for the next 50 years, please reach out today! We are looking for volunteers to participate in many ways - join the operating committee, work on fundraising, coach, provide skill clinics and the list goes on.

Please let us know if you would like to participate! Volleyball@ChantillyYouth.org

CYA Tennis

Coordinator: Doug Keggereis

For the 24th year, Chantilly International Tennis will bring you the CYA tennis program!  
Over 300 kids participated in CYA Tennis annually and we expect another HUGE year in 2021 Three 6-week sessions beginning May 20th!! These sessions usually reach full capacity so register ASAP!   

Program will be held at Westfield and Chantilly High School tennis courts

CYA Softball

Softball Coordinator: John Philipps

CYA Softball is poised to become one of the most prestigious softball programs in the region! Softball has recreational play for all skill levels and high level travel programs for girls ages 7 - 18. We even have T-Ball for players age 5-6

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CYA Soccer

Soccer Coordinator:
Dylan Sutherland

CYA Soccer is one of the largest and most accomplished soccer programs in Northern Virginia! Our program accommodates boys and girls of any skill level spanning ages 4 - 19. 

The past year has been challenging be 2021 looks like it is going to be AWESOME!

Learn all about CYA Soccer

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CYA Lacrosse

Coordinator: Chris Saben

The CYA Lacrosse Administrators are hard at work getting things ready to roll beginning in January. We are asking everyone to register early to help us establish numbers for uniforms/gear and submission to NVYLL for league play.

If you are a returning player from Spring 2020, you should have received an email with discount codes to be used for the upcoming season. If you have not received the email please let us know Lacrosse@ChantillyYouth.org. 
For new players to CYA
Our league rules require that your child be in one of the following high school pyramids to play for CYA - Chantilly HS, Fairfax HS, Oakton HS, or Westfield HS.

CYA Flag Football

CYA's Flag Football program started in 2013 and has now grown to over 200 players every Spring! Starting this year, CYA Flag Football is now part of NFL FLAG which means our players will wear NFL logo'd uniforms. How cool is that?! 2021 is going to be an awesome year!

CYA Flag Football is for boys and girls ages 5 - 16. Learn all about CYA Tackle and Flag Football on the Football Website: www.ChantillyFootball.org 

CYA Basketball

Coordinator: JP Prochazka

The CYA Spring Basketball Program is for all boys and girls in grades 4-12 regardless of skill level.

We also sponsor a spring AAU Travel program for boys and girls in grades 4-11.  

CYA Babe Ruth Baseball

Coordinator: Dave Gould

CYA Babe Ruth Baseball is for kids ages 13-18 and participates in the Northern Fairfax County Babe Ruth Program - www.nfcbaberuth.com. 

This should be another exciting season as our league will compete against other area programs and our all-star team will look to win another Virginia State Championship! Join your friends for a fun and competitive baseball experience! 

CYA Little League Baseball

Coordinator: Rob Fitzhugh

Little League Baseball is for boys and girls ages 4 - 12 and includes a Challenger Baseball Program for kids with physical or mental challenges. 

Learn all about CYA's Little League Baseball Program on the Chantilly Little League Website and the Little League Facebook Page.  

Spring team sponsorships are available NOW! It's a great, cost effective way to market your business AND support CYA Baseball. Click Here for Sponsorship Information.

Play Safely at the CYA Fieldhouse!
Our staff at the CYA Fieldhouse is doing a terrific job in making sure all of our members and user groups are kept safe. In order to support them, we have some simple procedures in place that absolutely need to be followed by anyone who is taking part in recreational activities at the FH.

First and foremost, we are not permitting spectators in the building at this time. If your kids are playing at the Fieldhouse, drop them off at the front door and wait in the parking lot for them to finish their activity. We know... it's a bummer that you can't watch your kids play but things will change soon enough and for now, we are focused on making sure all of our kids are kept safe.

For a list of things we do at the Fieldhouse to keep everyone safe, follow the link below.

Thank You For Supporting CYA Sports!
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