CYFA and City of Danville Collaborate to Reduce and Prevent Youth Delinquency.
CYFA and the City of Danville have entered into a collaborative initiative aimed at reducing and preventing delinquency among young people in the City. Through this initiative, CYFA also will implement its Promoting Empathy through Equitable Resolution (PEER) and Youth Peer Court (YPC) programs to further sustainable community-based responses to youth delinquency that are focused on improving outcomes for young people, promoting healthy families, and enhancing community well-being in the City of Danville.  
August 2, 2021 - CYFA and the City of Danville have partnered to transform systemic responses to adolescent harm through community-based initiatives that aim to prevent young people from entering the legal system and improve public safety. CYFA, the City, and community stakeholders and partners will collaborate to develop a strategic response to youth delinquency, which includes implementation of CYFA's PEER and YPC programs.

The most effective way to reduce system involvement is to remove entry points into the criminal legal system. Both PEER and YPC utilize equitable community-based promotion, prevention, early-intervention, and intervention programming that provide trauma-informed accountability, promote meaningful victim-centered engagement, and promote community safety through meaningful reintegration.

"Danville is a remarkable community poised for reinvention" says Robert T. David, the City's Youth and Gang Violence Prevention Coordinator. Mr. David notes, "Danville has been working diligently to reinforce public-private collaboration to address the complex, adaptive issues facing our community. The City is taking bold, transformative steps to promote thriving youth and prevent delinquency. The partnership with CYFA is another example of the City's authentic commitment to its residents and the value we place on our most important resources - young people and families."

If you would like to learn more about CYFA, PEER, or YPC, please visit CYFA's website or contact CYFA by email.
CYFA is a nonprofit organization that works to transform the fabric of family and community through restorative practices, education, and advocacy. CYFA employs collaborative approaches to create comprehensive solutions to the complex issues of racial and social justice. CYFA’s cross-system prevention initiatives are research-based and mission-focused: CYFA works to eradicate structural inequities and empower young people to create and achieve successful outcomes for self, family, and community.

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