Here is ECMN's fall CYMN news blast! Below you will find introductory information for all of our upcoming 2018-2019 ministries. There are also a few snapshots from our summer ministries. Please reply directly to this email with any questions.
NEW! ECMN is now using an  online registration platform  for all retreats and camps.  From either a family or an individual account, all information will be transferable between events for a simpler process. Additionally, churches will be able to send scholarships to their kids directly.
Short list of dates to save:

  • Aug. 31: CYMN park hangout!
  • 6-8pm @ Rosland Park, Edina (picnic shelter). Come meet other folks in ECMN involved in Children's & Youth ministries. We will be grilling food and families/pets are welcome!
  • Sept 13: CYMN meetings resume (2nd Thursday's - ECMN offices)
  • 9:30 - Children's Meeting
  • 11:00 - Shared brunch/lunch (provided)
  • 11:30 - Youth Meetin
  • Sept 14-15: ECMN's Youth Commission launches their year together at Convention
  • October 19-21: MN TEC #2 - Gr. 9-12 Retreat (Calvary, Rochester)
  • November 16-17: Pre-TEC # 13 - Gr. 6-8 Retreat (St. Mark's, Mpls)
  • January 11-13: Peer Ministry Retreat (St. Mark's, Mpls)
  • February 22-23: CYMN Retreat @ ECMN Retreat Center (Fairbault)
  • March 15-16: Pre-TEC # 14 - Gr. 6-8 Retreat (Location TBD)
  • April 26-28: MN TEC #3 - Gr. 9-12 (St. Mark's, Mpls)

Please feel to copy, forward, and share this information with people in your faith communities. We are tremendously grateful to everyone who is involved in supporting these wonderful ministries for our young people in ECMN! If you have more collaborative ministries to share across ECMN, please reply so we can add them.

Sarah Barnett
Missioner for Children, Youth, and Camping
The Episcopal Church in MN
1101 W. Broadway Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Office: 612-870-3327
Cell: 612-759-8493
ECMN Youth Commission
Youth Commission
Collaborative youth programs across our faith communities are growing, such as EKID SINC, EYQC, ECAD, EYMC, Pre-TEC, and MN TEC. It seems like now is the appropriate time to empower a group of young people, who are the ones attending these events, to be the voices of their continued development within an official youth commission. These young people are passionate about building beloved communities within these events that embody God’s unconditional love. As these statewide youth opportunities continue to expand, they need to be informed by the local context and culture of all our faith communities. ECMN's official youth commission will launch at Convention on Sept. 14-15 in Mankato.

October 19-21, 2018 [Gr. 9-12]
Calvary Episcopal, Rochester, MN
During your 48 hours at MN TEC you will journey through Holy Week with personal stories, dramas, delicious meals, music, and a few fantastic, encouraging surprises. Everyone is invited to journey at their own pace, with their own questions, making relevant connections to their daily lives. Each weekend is a new experience with new friends as we all share God’s rich, unconditional Agape love with one another. 

Click here for all registrations (new candidates, returning youth for team, adults).
Click here to view printable MN TEC information.
Click here to view/print a MN TEC flyer.

[Spring MN TEC: April 26-28]
November 16-17, 2018 [Gr. 6-8]
St. Mark's Cathedral, Minneapolis, MN
At Pre-TEC we play games, make friends, watch inspiring videos, eat great food, and hear talks from high school leaders. This is the 12 th retreat over 6 years with growing participation across ECMN. Each retreat has a unique theme related to a TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) topic.

Click here  to register after Sept 15.
Click here to view/print a Pre-TEC flyer.
Click here to watch a 2-min Pre-TEC video.

[Spring Pre-TEC: March 15-16]
January 11-13, 2019 [Gr. 9-12]
St. Mark's Cathedral, Minneapolis, MN
Teens in Grades 9-12 will develop leadership skills to: welcome outsiders, put faith into action, learn to really listen, reach out to those in trouble, build healthy relationships, know when and where to ask for help. It’s taught by existing Peer Ministers and includes a fun evening out with dinner, pool, sledding, skating, and a bonfire.

Click here   to register after Oct. 15.
On June 18-20 about 25 kids from 7 churches gathered at St. Mark's Cathedral to spend three days in t he city being Jesus' hands and feet. During the day they worked hard at our service locations: Liberty House, Dignity Center, and Gethsemane Episcopal Church Garden. In the evenings we conquered fun at Bryant Lake Bowl, North Commons Water Park, Pho 79, Dancing Genesha and finally Midtown Global Market. Practical learning opportunities experience included city bus riding, laying garden piping, landscaping and carpentry!

[Summer 2019: SINC June 16-18]
EKID: Episcopal Kids Go To Camp
On June 21-23 over 40 kids and adults came in pairs and families to discover the joy of camp together! We ranged in age from 2 - 80 and EVERYONE made it up part of the climbing tower. We sang, hiked, swam, played, ziplined and so much more. The biggest surprise seemed to be the simple joy of playing outside together in the evenings. Parents chatted on the swinging chairs and kids played in the field, unworried or hustled by other responsibilities. It will be so fun to see these kids grow up and go to Music Camp and/or Quest Camp together.

[Summer 2019: EKID June 19-22]
EYQC: Episcopal Youth Quest Camp
On July 15-21 there were 56 campers from 21 episcopal faith communities building their own beloved community together. They discovered that in this kind of community they can do anything together. They could even bike the entire 35 miles to their campsite, with plenty of pitstops and snacks and good conversation! These Quest kids discovered that bringing their real selves -- their gifts, their stories, their struggles, their epiphanies -- into the group made us whole. Join us next summer as we hike, bike, swim, canoe, climb, camp, sail, and build and even wider beloved community!

[Summer 2019: EYQC July 14-20]
ECAD: Episcopal Creative Arts Day Camp
O n July 30 - Aug 3 more than 60 kids gathered at St. Mark's cathedral each day to discover "God's Love: Inside & Out." Over the week, the biblical stories and activities encouraged reflection on the visible and invisible ways we all experience God’s presence. We are learned about star stories in the Bible and discovering how our whole universe is connected. God’s Love is found even in infinite space, and it reminds us of our infinite capacity to love.

[Summer 2019: ECAD July 29 - Aug 2]
EYMC: Episcopal Youth Music Camp
On Augus t 5-11 over 80 campers were at Music Camp together learning to ground every action in love an "make your mark" (our musical was Mary Poppins). This week was transformational, as it always is.  It is an amazing journey to understanding the message of Jesus, and how we take that into our world. As Christians, we must lead with Love. Presiding Bishop Curry talks about The Way of Love, that every action is grounded in Love.  It is more about being loving than being right.
[Summer 2019: EYMC Aug 4-10]
While many ECMN faith communities participate in mission work, these two trips were specifically offered as collaborative ventures open to all ECMN youth.
Rosebud Episcopal Mission
This year was our 6th straight year! In 2013 a group of youth and adults went for the first time to Mission, South Dakota to be present and in community with Mother Lauren Stanley and the Rosebud Episcopal Mission community. That first year, just by happenstance, the group found a small roadside chapel on the banks of the Missouri River. Every year since then it has been a stop on the way, a quick prayer before we enter into relationship again. This year we had the privilege of helping set up for and then be present with the youth and children for Niobrara Convocation.

"This years trip was different for a multitude of reasons; whether through the work we did or the sudden illness that took over near the end. However, having the chance to work with children was an experience that was able to provide insight into the younger lives of those who live on the reservation(s). Each year I go provides me with a different opportunity to learn more about the Native community and this year helped show me their culture through the children (as well as plenty of song and dance)." - Amelia Torgenson, Gr. 12, St. John's, White Bear Lake, MN

Ma Wa Disi Daa
On July 26-30, 17 youth from 7 ECMN churches drove up to visit o ur friends in Naytahwaush area. "Ma Wa Disi Daa" means "visit" in Ojibwe. This trip is all about visiting and building relationships with our Episcopal family.

"My experience at White Earth was great because of the overwhelming sense of community and togetherness. I gained a greater understanding of the larger community we all belong to in Minnesota, discovering a part of humanity I wouldn’t have otherwise encountered. I swiftly became a part of the amazing group of people I now know. Everyone there was friendly, and warmly receptive to people who were doing this for the first time. I am so glad to have experienced this, and to have gotten a look into another culture. It was truly an inspirational experience. " - Oliver Meyer, Gr. 10, St Anne's, Sun Fish Lake, MN
CYMN Family Park Gathering
Friday, August 31: 6:00-8:00pm. Hangout at the Rosland Park picnic shelter in E dina and meet other folks in ECMN involved in Children's & Youth ministries. We will grill some food and let any tagalong kiddos play at the park nearby. Families and pets are included!

Children's Ministry Network
September 13: 9:30-11:00am. Location: The ECMN Offices @ 1101 W. Broadway Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55411. Conference calling options available. Brunch/Lunch at 11:00 included. RSVP: sarah.b@episcopalmn.org.

Youth Ministry Network
September 13: 11:30-1:00pm. Lunch at 11:00 with the Children's ministry folks is included. Location: The ECMN Offices @ 1101 W. Broadway Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55411. Conference calling options available. RSVP: sarah.b@episcopalmn.org.

CYMN Retreat
February 22-23 at the The ECMN Retreat Center at Shattuck-St. Mary's. Participants may stay overnight or commute. Click here to view our google doc of shared resources that we complied at last year's retreat.
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