CZone digital switching gives you complete control and monitoring of all the electrical components on your boat from the touch of a button. Customized modes automatically optimize the boat for specific situations. Whether it’s a day of fishing or cruising, CZone simplifies the operation of your vessel. Make your time on the water safer and more enjoyable when you let CZone do the thinking.

  • Control multiple circuits with a single touch. Easily dial in your boat for any situation
  • Control and monitor all electrical circuits from CZone’s intuitive user interface
  • Enjoy a clean dash and reduced weight by eliminating manual switches and breakers

  • Control the electrical systems on the vessel directly from your iPad
  • CZone has partnered with leading electronics manufacturers to deliver full functionality directly from your MFD

  • Proven durability with over 10 years and thousands of installations across the globe
  • System redundancy and protection through built-in current limiters and manual fuse override