We Get It
When thinking about art galleries, exhibitions, or museums, all the arduous work that takes place behind the scenes is probably not what initially comes to mind for most people. At CaFÉ, we understand just how much time, effort, and patience it takes for any event to run smoothly—especially as we continue to adapt to a new virtual world. 
Create Better Calls 
With more than 15 years of experience in the field and 1,200 clients, CaFÉ makes it easier for you to create and manage better calls for entry by offering access to over 160,000 artists seeking opportunities daily.
With CaFÉ, You Can: 
  • Post your call for entry and reach more artists 
  • Collect entry fees and manage an unlimited number of submissions
  • Simplify and conduct your jury process entirely online
  • Streamline your virtual exhibition by exporting images and artist information all in one place 
Make the Switch to CaFÉ in 2021
While we all faced many unexpected challenges in 2020, we’re optimistic about the current year. Schedule your free demo today and discover why 720 organizations are currently using CaFÉ to make things easier in 2021. 
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