Kudos to Dr. Rosalind Ashton

By: Dr. Eric Wooltorton
Staff Physician TOH Civic Campus

"I am writing to extend kudos to one of our first year Family Medicine residents  Dr. Rosalind Ashton – who published a scholarly peer reviewed article in a prestigious journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics [1]. The important article reviews the management of acne in children and is a useful clinical resource for residents and faculty teaching in our program. 

Dr. Ashton has a strong interest in skin disorders, and continues to impress all her staff physicians with her motivation, sense of responsibility and scholarship skills. Prior to starting a family medicine residency in July 2019, Dr. Ashton completed an MSc in Clinical Dermatology from the St. John’s Institute at King’s College London. Amazingly, this is Dr. Ashton’s second publication in 2019!

The Department of Family Medicine has a talented cohort of residents, many of whom have had diverse and interesting careers before they joined our Department. At the Civic Academic Family Health Team, we are all proud of Dr. Ashton, and we hope that her accomplishments can be celebrated far and wide in the Department. The amazing thing is she has ANOTHER publication coming down the pipes soon. What an amazing talent!"

[1] Ashton, Rosalind, Weinstein Miriam Acne Vulgaris in the Pediatric Patient (2019) Pediatrics in Review, 40(11) 577-589.