Jump Start our Lions District & Clubs
“Jump Start” your Club!  Kinda like after a period of time…you need to get your jumping cables hooked up to your battery and give it a refreshed “ charge ” of new life.  Say your Lions Club is the battery and Lions International and your District 1-F is your source of this refreshed charge .

While your Club is recharging , like our Lions logo, let’s look back to our history of what has worked, and not worked for us, and take that into consideration as we  recharge  and eventually move forward with a renewed initiative to make our Club better internally and externally.  Like the Lions logo, looking back, learn, and looking forward.  So, key Club subjects like membership retention, new “active” membership, marketing locally, leadership training, etc. should be addressed.

As your Club is recharging , this is a perfect time to evaluate the COVID-19 impact and how it will change our lives and service.  From how we greet each other, to what’s on your bucket list.  The kind of change that’s occurred over a few months will change how we do things for years.  A sample of what’s coming…

  • People will be increasing fixated on washing away deadly germs.  Especially for older people, hand scrubbing, mask wearing, and hyper attention to surface disinfection will be the norm.
  • The mail, your morning newspaper, dinner, and a movie…COVID-19 has put them all on the endangered list.  Already reeling from online competition, more than 15,000 stores could close, according to retail research firm Coresight Research.  Likewise, digital media hasn’t been kind to the newspaper and magazine biz, but COVID-19 could bury it.
  • A fear of people.  It’s more than a concern about contagion.  Our collective mindset is shifting on everything from stadium gatherings to our dream trips.  Take me out to the crowd? Not now. 

I’m not one to preach gloom and doom by any means, but do believe in 
future planning based on reality.  Again, as we all recharge , let’s be  prepared.  How does this affect the current services and events we provide? By addressing people’s concerns, are we prepared?

As a District, and through our many Zone Chairs and associated Clubs, we’re
together- put emphasis at your zone meetings on the subject of jump starting your Club.  One way, is learning from each other.  One fellow Club to another.  What’s 
made certain Clubs more successful in certain areas then another?  How are they addressing COVID-19? Based on past history, why a certain issue isn’t working with your Club.  Other Clubs, got any ideas to help us get this working again?  I believe we can learn a lot from one another.

Please don’t forget to use Lions International website with many resources on various issues as well; especially leadership training.

Concluding, I’ve learned a lot about how to make my Club better by experiencing other Clubs strong and weak points.  As we start a new Lions fiscal year with a lot of new Club officers, it’ll be a key time to Jump Start your club…and we’re all willing to help you.

So, as we move forward and hook up our “jumping cables” to our District and Clubs to recharge, please take under consideration the aforementioned.

I’ve been told that nobody reads this newsletter.  I’d like to know that you did.  Please e-mail ( tlippert54@gmail.com ) me:  “District 1-F Cable News; Jump Start I read”.  Thanks!
Upcoming District 1-F Activities

  • August 1 (Sat., 9 - 11 am) First District 1-F Cabinet Meeting; Vernon Hills Park District’s Century Park Pavilion
  • October 17, 2020 (Sat.) Dist. 1-F Annual Fall Fundraiser; event TBA
  • November 7 (Sat., 9 - 11 am) Second District 1-F Cabinet Meeting; State Bank of The Lakes in Grayslake, lower level.  Location may change pending state/local COVID-19 restrictions.
  • January 9, 2021 (Sat., 9 - 11 am) Third District 1-F Cabinet Meeting; State Bank of The Lakes in Grayslake, lower level.  Location may change pending state/local COVID-19 restrictions.
  • February 25, 2021 (Thurs., 6 - 8 pm) Fourth District 1-F Cabinet Meeting at District 1-F Convention site.  Renaissance Chicago North Shore, Northbrook, IL.
  • February 9, 2021 (Sun.) Dist. 1-F Annual Bowling Event; Lakeside Lanes, Mundelein 
  • February 26-27, 2021 District 1-F Convention, Renaissance Chicago North Shore, Northbrook
  • May 1, 2020 (Sat.) Dist. 1-F Spring Fun Fundraiser; event TBA
  • June (1st week), 2021 (TBA) Fifth/Final District 1-F Cabinet Meeting; location TBA 

What about your Club’s 2020-2021 events/fundraisers?
Let us all know!
Candy Day 2020
Dear Lions Club Members,

We understand that Candy Day 2020 might look different for our district when dealing with possible restrictions. Some districts will be able to move forward with traditional Candy Day Fundraising, while some may not, but people with vision and hearing needs still need our help. 

We are asking each club to think “Out of the Box” for Candy Day Fundraising to support LIF with much needed Vision and Hearing Programs and Services. 

There are clubs who are putting together district walks, raffles, curb side fish frys, curb side pancake breakfasts, on line bingo events just to name a few, when restrictions have not allowed them to proceed with scheduled fundraising events. Candy Underwriters from previous years may be willing to partner with clubs for non traditional candy day fundraising events. 

Candy Day Packets have been mailed out to your club secretaries. Our traditional Jamborees may not be able to move forward but your trustees will have a designated Candy/Supplies Pick-Up date and location and will be e-mailed to your club secretaries.
Please check with your District Trustees to find out if this will also be a location for Recycling Drop Offs.
Programs like our Student Low Vision will be moving forward. We need your support to be able to help as many students as possible for 2020-2021.
Please e-mail Dianne at the Foundation if you need to place your Candy Rolls or Sugar Free Sucker orders dortega@lifnd.org .

Contact your Lions of Illinois Foundation office at Office@lifnd.org if you have questions concerning a non-traditional candy day fundraising event .


1-F District Trustees Lions of Illinois Foundation
PDG, Molly Penny pennys246@comcast.net Cell: 847-707-8646
PDG, Marty Reading marty@reading-electric.com Cell: 847-980-6986   
2020-2021 District 1-F Cabinet
Tom Lippert, District Governor, 847-812-3727, tlippert54@gmail.com

Ric Granroth, 1st Vice District Governor, 847-431-0425, lionricgranroth@gmail.com

Chris Marks, 2nd Vice District Governor, 312-623-0269, marxie@aol.com

Kathleen E. Marusich, PDG Cabinet Secretary, 847-691-3082, kathleenmarulion@gmail.com

William C. Jordan, PDG Cabinet Treasurer, 847-436-6850, lionbillzc@yahoo.com

South Region Chairperson: Barbara L. Lahtinen, PDG, 847-712-6797, lionbarbara@comcast.net

Zone Chairpersons: Terry Dooley, Rachel Mia Kaim, Chuck Lansing, Vince Leone

North Region Chairperson: Bill Stanley, 708-710-2326, lionbstanley@gmail.com

Zone Chairpersons: Maggie Jabeck, Tim Robbins

Susan Hastings, Immediate Past District Governor, 847-651-1056, sucitysu@comcast.net 
District 1-F Lions