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Entry Gates
We will go live with the gates starting Monday, November 4th. Please remember to have your gate opener with you or you may use your personal identification code by pushing # and the last for of your phone number. The gates will be open Monday-Friday from 6am-6pm for construction. If you recieve a call from the gate for a delivery or visitor, you'll press 9 on your phone to open the gate for the person calling.
Daylight Savings
Don't forget to "Fall Back" on November 3rd, and get your extra hour of sleep by turning your clocks back an hour.
Panic Button
There is a new panic button in the hall way between the fitness room and yoga room. In case of an emergency, lift the cover and press the red button. This will notify First Responders to come to the Clubhouse immediately.
Harvest Gathering
Don't forget to come out to the Harvest Gathering TONIGHT at the clubhouse. This event is being catered with appetizers and drinks, so come on out and enjoy. Your family is welcome to join, and there will be pumpkins for the kids to decorate too.
Pool Survey
A survey has been sent out by each household by email in order to gauge interest in allowing children in the pool. It was sent to only one email on file, so it's only one response per home. If you have not recieved it, please contact Ann Marie at hoa@brightoncorp.com.


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