August 2019
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Anonymous $1 million dollar gift, cadets in Canada and around the world, radar team beta tests technology tool, CAP Foundation announces new Trustees, National Commander extends leadership term, alumni spotlight, Final Salute and Alumni Meet & Greets
$1 Million Dollar Gift From Cadet Alum Given Anonymously to CAP Foundation
A former Civil Air Patrol cadet's $1,025,000 gift as part of an endowment agreement to benefit the Nebraska Wing was announced at CAP’s National Conference in Baltimore.
“This is an exciting development,” said Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, CAP’s national commander/CEO. “We appreciate this generous gift, which will greatly impact the squadrons in the Nebraska Wing for years to come.”
The donor, who has served in multiple CAP wings as an adult, wants to remain anonymous but is offering his gift to support the Nebraska Wing.
CAP Video Corner
Through Her Eyes - CAP Cadet Video!
Journey with Texas Wing's
Cadet Lt. Col. Alyssa Kohler
for the 2019
International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE)
IACE in 1958?
Jimmy Stewart Will Carry You Back In Time
Did you participate as an International Air Exchange Cadet?
Yes I did!
No, but it is amazing for our youth to see the world!
CAP's Radar Analysis Team Uses New Tool to Lead Searchers to Downed Seaplane
The CAP radar team quickly responded by using a newly developed tool — still considered to be in the beta testing stage — that makes innovative use of ADS-B (automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast) technology to quickly locate a target.
The team was able to provide the Coast Guard with the downed plane’s latitude and longitude “within a couple of minutes” after obtaining the ADS-B data “in 15-30 seconds,” said Lt. Col. Mark Young, team commander. “It all went fast and perfectly.”
One More Item to Note...
A Former Cadet Fills the Seat as Chair and
Two With Deep Roots in CAP Join Foundation Trustees

Three trustees, including a new chair, have been selected for the Civil Air Patrol Foundation, intended to be a repository of gifts meant for investment in CAP’s future.
Paul Graziani, a former member of CAP’s Board of Governors; Col. Raj Kothari, commander of the Michigan Wing; and Lt. Col. Richard Flowers of the Florida Wing were approved at a foundation meeting at the site of CAP's national conference in Baltimore.

The trustees’ service on the 15-member board begins immediately, said Kristina Jones, CAP’s chief of philanthropy and executive director of the CAP Foundation.
He Said Yes!
CAP National Commander Asked to Extend Leadership
Civil Air Patrol’s Board of Governors is extending by a year the three-year term of Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, CAP’s national commander and CEO, meaning he will now serve through August 2021.
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Alumni & Friends Spotlight
1st Lt Elizabeth Haynes - USAF (1951-55)
At Kelly AFB, TX 1951, flight forecaster for the USAF
She loved to fly her Firebird
(early 1950s)
Congressional Gold Medal
awarded October 8, 2016
"I joined the Civil Air Patrol as a cadet in 1942, stayed active as a senior and pilot through college and service in the Air Force 1951-55, and resigned in 1956 after my first child was born. We were stationed at Dover AFB, which was much too busy with heavy transports to support an on-base flying club (and there were no general aviation fields in Delaware at that time), so I sold Firebird, my PT‑23. 
Three years ago, at the Twilight Tattoo at Fort Myer, I happened to meet Bebe Finkenstaedt, then commander of CAP Challenger 1 Squadron, Alexandria VA. I attended meetings, liked what I saw, and joined the squadron. As you know, the CAP is totally non-discriminatory, including for age. I don’t fly now, of course, but I can still teach and serve as a chaperone; I’m happy to do what I can." - 1st Lt Elizabeth Haynes, CAP

A Final Salute to these Current and Former CAP Members
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