May 2020
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Inside this Issue... Cadet accepted into 3 military academies, video spotlight on 78-year member, CAP's COVID-19 missions are national news, breaking records in cell phone forensics, introducing Wheels & Wings, Alumni & Friends spotlight, new LinkedIn group, 2 FREE ways to support CAP and Final Salute
Cadet Offered Admission To 3 United States
Military Academies
Air shows were a Toth family tradition: mom Kathleen, dad Pete, and their three boys scanning the skies over  Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst  for military jets that soared, swooped and inspired awe.

At one show, oldest child Peter, in middle school at the time, saw a flyer for  Civil Air Patrol  — the civilian auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. The group accepts members 12 and up, and Peter was intrigued.

“Since I was a kid, I’ve always been very patriotic, my family has always been very patriotic,” Peter Toth said. “I knew that serving my country was something I always wanted to do in some capacity, and I thought this was a way to do it.”
If you were 18 and had the chance to do it all over again, what avenue would you take?
One of our great military academies
College or university
Travel the world and take care of my education later
Go straight to work and skip school
CAP's Video Corner:

A Life of Service in Civil Air Patrol
Lt Col Carolyn A. Guertin, Virginia Wing
In December 1941 when Civil Air Patrol was formed, thirteen year old Carolyn Guertin stood in line to sign up. She has been a continuous member in CAP since then. Lt Col Guertin's service over the last 78 years has impacted countless lives. We honor her steadfast dedication to her country and community. Thank you, Capt David Spence and Mr. Ryan Pace, for your time and dedication in creating this video. -Virginia Wing
Finally! Some Good News!
CAP's COVID-19 Response Makes National News
Maj Gen Smith highlights CAP's extraordinary response to the COVID-19 emergency on national news. Check out the story below!
An air force in combat against coronavirus

Civil Air Patrol volunteers take to the skies and help on the ground in the fight.

Read more
CAP's COVID-19 Response State by State
as of May 14, 2020
Checking in with our readers, again! How are you doing these days?
I am good. One day at a time
Still a bit nervous about this COVID-19 environment
I am sheltering in place for as long as this takes
Other, please email us and let us know
CAP’s Cell Phone Forensics Team Reaches 1,000th ‘Find’ Milestone
"Technology applications are woven into the DNA of the Air Force, and our Civil Air Patrol is no exception,” said Lt Gen Marc H. Sasseville, commander, Continental U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command Region-1st Air Force. “Our Air Force Rescue Coordination Center has a 24/7 hotline right into CAP so that we can get help to our citizens as quickly as possible.”

Since its inception in late 1941, CAP has traditionally performed search and rescue missions by operating the world’s largest fleet of single engine piston-powered aircraft.
As a technology innovator, CAP adapts, adopts and develops tools to make performing search and rescue and other emergency services missions more efficient. Leveraging tools like cell phone forensics and radar analysis make it faster and easier to help locate — find — the subject of a search even in situations when it is not possible to launch an aircraft due to poor flying conditions, remote locations, and more.
Saving Lives!
CAP Is Credited With Saving 70 Lives This Fiscal Year
You Can Donate Your Car, Boat, RV or Plane!
CAP Launches Wings & Wheels Program
Civil Air Patrol has partnered with IAA, a national leader in car donation programs, to launch a new program, Wings or Wheels.

Now donors can donate their planes, cars, boats, RV's and heavy equipment to benefit CAP programs. Promote this program and receive income for your unit!
Announcing New Partnership with FreeWill
Statistically, 2020 has created a surge of people who have taken to  writing their wills and organizing their finances  for the sake of preparedness, and for the benefit of both themselves and their loved ones.

Estate planning is an important, concrete step that everyone should consider; it’s the best way to protect your assets, make sure your wishes are carried out and protect the people and things you love.

“We believe our members, alumni and friends of Civil Air Patrol may benefit from this partnership and are pleased to provide an avenue to support the current and future missions of Civil Air Patrol,” said Kristina Jones, CAP’s Chief of Philanthropy.
will-writing tool : Supporters can write this essential document for free in 20 minutes or less and protect the people they love. It’s also an easy way to create a legacy gift to ensure CAP’s many missions for America go on — without the donor paying a cent today.
A tool to  give directly from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA ) : Though the CARES Act waived the required minimum distribution (RMD) from IRAs for 2020, those who own these accounts still get the same tax benefits from making a qualified charities distribution (QCD) as opposed to donating a direct cash gift. Giving from an IRA today provides immediate resources to support our citizens serving communities in a moment when it’s truly needed.
A tool to  transfer appreciated securities : Donating appreciated stock is an option for CAP supporters seeking to avoid paying capital gains tax. It alleviates their tax burden but also creates a powerful opportunity to save and shape lives across the nation.
Alumni & Friends Spotlight
Lt Col Elliott Korona, CAP
Virginia Wing

"The Right Kind of Korona"

Why did you join CAP?
In February 2001, my older brother tragically died during his freshman year of college. I was a freshman in high school and kind of coasted the rest of the year in a blur. At the beginning of my sophomore year I was still a little lost. My guidance counselor knew of my aspirations to be a pilot and possibly wanting to join the Air Force as an officer. She heard of Civil Air Patrol and told me to check it out. I went to my local squadron in October 2001, they told me to come to three meetings and see if I liked it; I submitted my application to join CAP that first night and it was the best thing I ever did. I would not be here today in my life and career if it weren't for that push from my guidance counselor.

What is your current career?
Banking Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

What specific lessons or experiences from CAP has influenced your career or life?
Humility. I learned from CAP to admit when you are wrong. Unfortunately, this lesson took awhile to really stick for me when I was a cadet; I had to learn this the difficult way a few times. It is always nerve-racking to talk to leaders and/or bosses and say, "I messed up." However, the biggest lesson I learned from CAP was the next statement that should come out of your mouth, "...and here is how I am going to fix it and prevent this from happening again." Admitting and learning from your  mistakes is key and it all starts with humility.

Personal motivation. As I rose in the cadet program I was charged with various duties which progressively came with more responsibility and less oversight. I would plan events at every echelon or present ideas when I was on the National Cadet Advisory Committee. I learned to be comfortable planning and managing large projects due to the tools I learned from my leaders through the cadet program.

This lesson is essential in my current career as I am tasked with large projects on my own, some of which can take long periods of time. I have to internally plan and coordinate to keep a proper schedule so I can complete these projects early or on time. I learned that because of the tools I acquired in the cadet program.

Anything else we didn’t ask that you would like to share?
I still speak to and learn from the cadets and mentors I grew up with in the cadet program. They are now all current/former commanders and leaders at almost every level in the organization or in public service. I don't think I would be here in my current career or CAP if it were not for two CAP mentors that lifted me up and gave me the tools to be successful. I make sure to thank those leaders for those gifts whenever I can.
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Civil Air Patrol Final Salute
Civil Air Patrol offers friends and family the ability to make gifts in memory or honor of someone special. Tribute/memorial gifts made through the link below are listed in each issue of the  Civil Air Patrol Volunteer  magazine.
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