When retail entrepreneur Matt Matros visited a coffee farm in Bali, Indonesia, he was surprised by the insects, dust and dirt he saw amongst the drying harvested coffee cherries. At a time when consumer products were becoming increasingly dedicated to nutrition, ingredient transparency and a clean environment, Matros wondered why one of the most popular refreshment beverages was being harvested in such a substandard manner.

Adopting the motto, “caffeine meets clean,” Matros decided there was a need for a coffee business dedicated to clean harvesting. He shared his vision with Craig Alexander, who was operating coffee houses, and with Chris Fanucchi, who was helping to develop Koia, a nationally distributed, almond milk protein beverage. Alexander and Fanucchi agreed with Matros that the time had come for a coffee business that would support cleanliness, protection of the environment and transparency. That vision has taken shape as LIMITLESS Coffee & Tea , based in the Chicago area.