SEEDS November 15, 2021
I just love our little church!  It’s just an incredible place, isn’t it?  A warm and joyful spirit within those beautiful stone walls, but also, always on the move doing wonderful things out in the world as well.  But it’s been another really strange year, and because of that, the things we were able to accomplish this year, thanks to your generosity, might have gotten a little blurry.  So before I ask you to pledge and continue your support of this amazing little place for the coming year… and increase your giving just a little… I’d like to invite you to watch a little review of what we’ve done together this past year.  My hope is this video will help bring the work we do back into focus.  
Now that you’ve had a chance to remember what your faithful giving and generosity does in our church, in our community, and in our world, it’s time for me to ask you once again to pledge your financial support for the coming year.  Pledging what you will give is an act of faith, and it also allows our Vestry Council to make bold plans for the year ahead.   
If you’ve always pledged, thank you!  I hope you’ll do it again this year.  If you’ve always given regularly but haven’t pledged before, thank you!  I hope you will continue that faithful giving and perhaps pledge for the first time.  If you give from an IRA with a Required Minimum Distribution, thank you!  I hope you will do that again this year.  
 No matter how you have supported God’s work through our church in the past, thank you!  I hope being reminded of just a little of what your giving accomplishes might also inspire you to fill out the pledge card (which you should see in the mail any day now), increase your giving, and return it to church by Sunday, November 21st.  

 Thank you again for being a vital part of this incredible congregation!  With your spirit, compassion, and amazing generosity, we make a bigger difference in the world than people might expect from a little stone church in Sheffield, Massachusetts.  With your excitement and open hearted spirit we touch lives near and far, every single day.  I look forward to continuing to do just that with you in this year to come.  Please remember to get your pledge cards turned in so that we know how to plan for 2022. Thank you!  
Pastor Erik+
Pledge Envelopes
Over the past few years, fewer and fewer parishioners have used pledge envelopes or even picked up their envelope boxes, so next year we are going to start phasing them out to save the expense and avoid the waste of unclaimed envelope boxes. If you’d still like envelopes, please let Jean know and we will place the necessary order. But, if you are willing to try not using envelopes, you or your bank can simply mail in your pledge or you can place a check in the collection plate. We’ll make sure that your donation is properly credited; you do not need to know or use your pledge number. We also have available a supply of envelopes without pledge numbers, which we can supply if you find the envelopes a useful reminder, or which can be used to make your pledge donation in cash. We’ll take our cue from you, but this is an expense we can avoid if people don’t feel the need.
A Silent Film Classic this Saturday
We will be taking a break from our 8:00 service during Advent, Christmas and Epiphany.
Come join us in-person and online at 10:00 on Sunday.
Celebrate Christ the King Sunday on November 21st.
A Christmas Bake Sale Online
Community in Faith - tomorrow night
Community in Faith
Tuesday Bible Study
An Invitation to Small Acts of Courage
The Book of Ruth
November 16 at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom
Christ Trinity, St. Paul’s, and Grace
Three congregations coming together for study and support each week under a new name – “Community in Faith” – makes for lively discussion on a variety of topics in 3-6 week sessions. Our November series led by the Rev. Libby Wade will be a study of the Book of Ruth. 
Lifting up the poor
Our EfM group read Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes and James this week. These writers all participate to a greater or lesser extent in the wisdom tradition of the Bible, grounding their theology in practical matters of community living and interpersonal relations. This image was prompted by James’ focus on lifting up the poor and condemning the rich. James indicates that God has a preference for the poor both in this life and in the next (see James 2:5). We took a ‘slow-looking’ approach to this image, asking questions such as “What do you see?” “Where is the darkness?” “What draws your attention?” And “What is the source of the light?” The image is a painting by the artist Chris Richford called “Poverty.” 
Blessed are you, O Lord God of generosity and love.
Make us continually aware of the humanity of those in need
And inspire us to share our time, treasure, and attention with them.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Saturday SOLD OUT but now...
Women's Bible Study
I am scheduling our next meeting of Womens Bible study for Friday Dec 3, at 1 pm at the church. I know it is a busy week with church events, but the following Friday the church is being used to prepare the cookie sale. A very busy month!
We will continue with the study guide Who Do You Say That I Am? by Becky Harling. The question we will explore is Why are you so afraid? To help prepare for the class, you can read Mark 4:35-41; John 10:1-18; John 20:12-18; and Psalm 23.

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We will be taking a break from our 8:00 service during Advent, Christmas and Epiphany.

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