January 20, 2021
Cal Cities News
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last week that a city’s refusal to return an impounded vehicle to a debtor who files for bankruptcy is not a violation of the “automatic stay” provision of the federal Bankruptcy Code. The ruling in City of Chicago, Illinois v. Fulton overturns an earlier ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and is good news for cities. Read more

The City of Paramount took a proactive approach to support the efforts of local parents and teachers who are working diligently to provide high-quality education through distance learning. The city partnered with the local school district to provide students with free, live virtual tutoring to minimize learning loss and enhance the remote learning experience. Read more

President Joe Biden unveiled his “American Rescue Plan” last week, billed as changing the course of the pandemic, building a bridge towards economic recovery, and investing in racial justice. Cal Cities issued a statement by Executive Director Carolyn Coleman in response, welcoming the proposal’s calls for emergency funding to state and local governments.
Message from Cal Cities Officers

Following the presidential inauguration, the League of California Cities Officers issued a statement standing firmly behind the nation’s electoral process and peaceful transition of power, while condemning the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol and threats against local and state governments. Read more
Education and Events

Still time to register! New mayors and council members have a tremendous opportunity to learn the ropes of elected office and connect with peers during four days of educational sessions at the virtual League of California Cities 2021 New Mayors and Council Members Academy. It all starts tomorrow, Jan. 21! Register now

The League of California Cities 2021 City Managers Conference is shaping up to be one of the best to date, featuring sessions on key topics of interest to city leaders and peer-to-peer connections. Register today and join your fellow city managers online, Feb. 1, 3, and 5 to hear from the dynamic and award-winning keynote speaker and technology futurist Crystal Washington. In this high-energy session, Washington will explore how city managers can innovate and thrive while keeping an eye on the horizon and prepare to ride future waves of change over the next three to five years. Read more

The League of California Cities is seeking diverse, forward-looking topics for the 2021 Annual Conference & Expo at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center in Sacramento, Sept. 22-24. Much has changed in our cities over the last year, and these sessions will support city leaders by arming them with the latest knowledge, resources, and tools to advance their communities and assist officials in their daily roles and operations within their city. Take advantage of this special opportunity to share expertise at the premier educational event for local elected officials, city department directors, and decision-makers throughout California, by submitting a proposal by March 31. Read more

There's just one more day to submit a session proposal for the 2021 Planning Commissioners Academy. The call for proposals is an opportunity to share best practices and innovative approaches to issues city planning commissioners face. The deadline to submit is Thursday, Jan. 21. Submit today
Each year, the Institute for Local Government (ILG) provides a wide range of trainings and resources for local government leaders to help build and maintain a solid foundation of good governance. Understanding ethical conduct is critical for any local leader and core to a well-functioning government. ILG helps local officials comply with state-mandated ethics requirements and offers numerous training sessions each year. Read more 
Opportunities for Cities

If your city has been working on a street or road infrastructure project or program that has demonstrated a significant improvement in your community’s street system, be sure to submit your project by Jan. 29 for a chance to be honored with a 2021 Outstanding Local Streets and Roads Award. These awards highlight cities and counties that are employing projects, programs, practices, and innovative technologies and materials to achieve preservation, safety, and sustainability goals for the statewide local street and road system. Read more

The Jan. 31 deadline for cities to apply for a Department of Housing and Community Development Local Early Action Planning grant is approaching fast! These flexible funds can be used for housing element updates, permit processing improvements, developing or improving accessory dwelling unit ordinances, rezoning efforts, or any project that accelerates housing production. For assistance with identifying projects, application review, or questions about the process, reach out to Institute for Local Government’s Karalee Browne or Melissa Kuehne. Apply today.
More News and Events

If you are a newly elected city official, be sure to participate in the League of California Cities Mayors and Council Members Department Leadership Academy Torch Program. This voluntary and self-reported program is for elected officials who are seeking continuing education to enhance their own knowledge and skills in order to better serve the public. You will want to be a part of this program, which honors the hard work and dedication of its peers. Read more

March 7-10 — Join more than 1,000 leaders from America’s cities, towns, and villages for an immersive program that provides local leaders educational opportunities through hands-on trainings and seminars focused on common local-level issues. At NLC’s Congressional City Conference you’ll learn how to drive federal policy, engage in dialogue with federal officials, and strengthen intergovernmental partnership with decision-makers, while sharing ideas and building policy solutions for the future of your community.​ Register now